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Audio Converter Software has surely made its mark in the competitive converting industry, both for its quality of results and its speed. There are of course, so many good reasons why Audio Converter Software software should be selected by anyone with any sense of quality software- with a purpose. The features available in the Software Review Boffin selected products below, are fine examples of the splendid nature of Audio Converter Software that marshals and summons every ounce of its processing power and functions giving users the best converted file they could wish for; yet still maintain the integrity of the master original quality. A consensus of our Software Review Boffin Reviewers summed our results as follows....

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First Place Gold Medal * * * * *
DRMBuster comes with YouTube Ripper feature that will allow you to download any YouTube video and convert them to your preferred file format. Converted files by DRMBuster you can easily play at 50X speed on all major entertainment devices like Zune, ipod. DRMBuster is a good audio and video converter program without any doubt. Apart from its above-mentioned sterling features, it is capable to give your better result with high volume and speed of conversion that is geared by its unique technology utilization. It ensures the optimum resource utilization of your system while converting files. This ensures good health and safety for your machine. DRMBuster

Switch Audio File Converter

Second Place Silver Medal * * * * *
Switch Audio File Converter is a wonderful Universal audio converter generously supporting all popular formats Audio File Formats. It is able to Convert or compress sound files within minutes of commencing the process. Software Review Boffin was able to extract audio from any of our chosen media files (including video) with Switch Audio File Converter Extracting audio sound bites from selected video files or audio from a DVD with outstanding results. Switch Audio File Converter

Aimersoft Music Converter

Third Place Bronze Medal * * * *
Aimersoft Music Converter is one of the best audio files converter that can help users convert audio files to any audio file format desired. Various features will attest as to why the Aimersoft Music Converter is a program of choice thought Software Review Boffin.Aimersoft Music Converter is the easiest to install music converting software program and also the most efficient when it comes to giving the quality work on music conversion. With the above mentioned features and support lines it is obvious that regrets will be few if any with Aimersoft Music Converter. Aimersoft Music Converter