4Media MP4 to MP3 Converter Review

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Top five features
The following are the top five features of the 4Media MP4 to MP3 Converter Software that will be worth your consideration.

4Media MP4 to MP3 Converter is a multi pronged prime converter and PC commander. It carries a multiplicity of features that enables the conversion of video to audio, MP4 to MP3, MPEG4 to MP3, and AAC to MP3 among so many other conversions.

4Media MP4 to MP3 Converter allows video, audio and other files conversion to MP3, a consequent MP3 that will be fully supported by all music MP3 generational players, iPod shuffle, Zune, iRiver PMP-100, iPod nano and the creative Zen Vision among so many others.

4Media MP4 to MP3 Converter is a complete supporter of batch conversion that allows for conversion of many files at a go, and the spectacular multithreading that give numerous functions of control.

The 4Media MP4 to MP3 Converter is also made in a way that it also copies ID3 tag to slot it in the audio formats. What it actually does is create a reservation of the ID3 in the process of conversion.

4Media MP4 to MP3 Converter carries impressive selection options where you can pick on the media and sound system among other options. You are free to select the method of compression you prefer, bitrate, and sample rate, mono or stereo among so many other qualitative options.

Ease of use
4Media MP4 to MP3 Converter is true, carries a lot of options that may sound complex if you want to use. However, the selections are distinctly made in a way that all the click commands will be direct and distinguished. Simply put, you will not get confused in using this software; with many details it is still a piece of cake to click the mouse.

Help and support
All your questions can be directed to our site for clear and direct answers to help you with 4Media MP4 to MP3 Converter.

Top three reasons to choose 4Media MP4 to MP3 Converter

  1. With the many options you are assured of top notch MP3s
  2. The software is strong to withstand the many files it converts
  3. The software is clean and so easy to use despite the detailed selections options

4Media MP4 to MP3 Converter converts audio and video files in a speed that is both unmatched and full of excellence. The conversion is awash with incredible selection options like method of compression, sample rate and bitrate to ensure that the resultant MP3 is perfect.