4Musics Multiformat Converter Review

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Top 5 features: The 4 Music Multiformat Converter is such a powerful and top of the range of music converter program. It is capable of converting between any of the following audio formats; WMA, OGG, ACC, MPC or musepack, AC3, AIFF,AMR,MMF, RA, MP2 formats, MP3 and CDA  and can also extract audio from video files such as the WMV, AVI, MPEG1 or 2, MP 4, 3gp, FLV, SWF, ASF and MOV

The program also allows one to undertake the conversion process in just one click. With a right mouse click the program will bring down all the process you are to undertake and it will be in such an easy way.

The 4Musics Multiformat Converter also supports batch conversion where a person makes a task file that has numerous audio file from different sources and then convert them in a single conversion process. This saves time and power that one would have used in the other conversion process if single audio was taken

The 4Musics Multiformat Converter can also automatically delete file sources incase conversion is done. This ability is more useful if one converts from a big library in the hard disc and want to save free space on it 

The program also gives one the ability to do advanced output format setting that can change bitrate, sample rate, stereo modes and many other settings

Ease of use: If the system has the following programs the 4Musics Multiformat Converter it will work without any trouble shooting.

  • Pentium 90mhz or even a better one
  • 16MB ram 7MB hard drive space  and
  • Microsoft windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP or better still

The use interface module is user conscious and will allow you to follow few simple steps when converting

Help and support: The easy to follow few steps will not be a headache to a user but incase there is any trouble shooting; the team of technicians are in place to offer help whenever necessary. The review sites also give the user the daily updates from other different users hence it is easy to get a problem solved

Top 3 reasons to choose

  • The 4Musics Multiformat Converter allows the shortcut of dragging and dropping files from explorer or any file manager folder into its main window. This allows multiple files to be selected and dragged into the programs window.
  • Using the tag editor, the user when using the MP3, OGG or WMA tags specify information about each music file. The information might be about the artist, music title and album.
  • The program also has the CD ripper, which can aid one in converting a CD into MP3. WAV, WMA or OGG.

Summary: The 4Musics Multiformat Converter is upgraded conversion software that is easy to use and rip audio files as well. It is less hectic and very powerful. The speed of conversion will make sure all your ripping and conversion is done is few minutes and effectively.