Aimersoft WMA Converter Review

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Top five features

†This is a commanding WMA sheltered converter with the ability to change WMA protected audio files to MP3, ACC, OGG, WAV, iPod AIFF, MKA, FLAC etc. The Aimersoft Protected WMA converter has the ability to take away license from copyright WMA protected download from Zune Pass, Rhapsody, Windows, Limeware and Napster software. Therefore the Aimesoft WMA converter has the following features;

The Aimersoft WMA converter embraces practical soundcard expertise with the ability to strip the DRM license through playing as well as recording. This maintains the music output at 1:1 quality just like the original stuff or songs.

This type of converter, apart from removing license from the copyrighted Aimersoft WMA, it has the capability to convert the protected WMA to M4A, MP3, OGG, WAV and so on. It can also convert to MKA for such software like Samsung, Blackberry, Creative Zen, Zune, PSP, iPod, Nokia, HTC, Cowon and Sonywalkman among others.

The Aimersoft WMA converter has not strayed from its initial purpose; its mission was to provide faster as well as qualified services to its users. It is a perfectly designed device carrying all needed codecís integration, and has the ability to offer support for batch conversions mode presenting a 4X quicker in speed plus 1:1 output excellence.

Aimersoft comes with output parameters, which are adjustable in form of sample rate, pit rate as well as sound or voice channel. This enables you to try and customize the output compression height and the size of the file. With this feature, you are able to share and enjoy protected WMA Music whenever you want.

This gorgeous Aimersoft WMA Converter allows a simple and convenient DRM WMA elimination solution in form of customizable profiles and batch conversion. This is what you cannot afford to miss out on the Aimersoft WMA Converter.

Ease of use

The Aimersoft WMA converter is designed to integrate with the available systems like the WAV, MP3 and iPod AIFF among others. It can also operate with Vista 32-bit or Windows XP without causing problems.

Help and support

The aimersoft WMA Converter manufacturers have certified outlets, which are twenty four hours operational just to offer needed solutions to you. The user guide also gives users an insight about the systemís functionality and most importantly, the retrieval of key code.

Top three reasons to choose Aimersoft WMA Converter:

  1. Provides convenience in removing DRM WMA removal answer in form customizable profiles and conversion batch.
  1. Ability to convert protected WMA to WAV, MP3, and AAC etc
  1. Ability to work on the Windows XP and/ or vista 32-bit.


The Aimersoft WMA Converter is just so powerfully protected with ability to convert the protected WMA To APE, MP3, iPod AIFF and FLAC etc. apart from this, it works well as an audio converter with the ability to convert the unprotected music of MP3, Ac3, APE and so on.