Audio MP3 Converter Review

Top five features
The audio Mp3 Converter is a straight, simple; but presents powerful conversions to MP3 files. Besides, when it comes to reducing the size of your mp3 music files, it just what you need to send those email attachment or simply encode your captured audio from varying audio centers or sources i.e. line-in and TV card in the most convenient but smaller mp3 designs. Some of the features you cannot miss on this Audio mp3 Converter are;

Audio MP3 Converter is interestingly simple software to employ mp3 and CD ripper to WAV decoder and also WAV to MP3 encoder on a number of windows like NT/9X/ME/2000/XP. It has the power to copy audio digitally but not via soundcard, this allows the user to design quality copies like the originals.

Audio MP3 converter allows you to burn WAV, OGG, MP3 and WMA files on to CD so that you are able to play the CD player. It does this to allow for easy and normal access by the CD player.

This program also provides for a straight forward CD ripper use for Windows NT/win 9X/2000/XP. It has the power to rip your CD to WAVE MP3, WMA and OGG and also change WMA, MP3 as well as OGG to WAV and WAV to MP3, WMA and OGG.

Audio mp3 Converter is able to record the sound normally played via sound card and form microphone audio Tape player among others. With it, you are able to snatch musical, movie or game sounds from that PC of yours or internet.

The audio MP3 converter has the power to convert audio stuff directly from MP3 to WAV and/ or WAV to Mp3. it does this digitally

Ease of use
The software has a CD ripper that allows the user to effectively use it to rip MP3 to WAV decoder or WAV to MP3 encoder. The presence of MIDI enables ease v1.30 release and with the mp3 recorder, you are able schedule and reschedule play list functions.

Help and support
The user guide issued and the time of purchase offers you the help regarding use and the 24 hour open lines and email contact allows you send your queries about the software.

Top three reasons to choose audio mp3 converter

  1. It converts audio files to mp3, WAVE and WMA designs or formats.
  2. Ability to record sound played through sound card and also via microphone audio tapes etc.
  3. It also provides a straight forward CD ripper for windows NT/2000/xp.

As the world moves to the next stage, music scene also moves ahead; the audio mp3 converter allows you the convert your cherished audio files to WMA, mp3 as well as mp3 designs or formats. And it can record sound played via the sound cards with ease.