Blaze Media Pro Review

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Top Five Features

  1. Audio Editor

Blaze Media Pro contains a flashy functionality on the audio format. With this software, it has become possible to change, discard and include all the desired choices of music and sound with little effort.

  1. Audio And Video Conversion

Whether it is a CD, MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG or any other video or audio format, Blaze Media Pro does an incredible job in converting these to a more suitable and, in most cases, a more desirable format.

  1. Advanced Audio Burner

Blaze Media Pro has the capability to burn any CDs derived from OGG, WMA, MP3 and other file formats with a speed that transcends the imagination. It also burns CDs with data to whatever file you choose in the hard disc.

  1. Data CD Burner

On many occasions it is understood that, for you to burn data into a CD, you have to create space by forming an image. This is not so with this software. A small space is therefore all that is needed to perform this task.

  1. Digital Video Editor

This is again a powerful tool for all media formats. It works well as it has been fine tuned to correspond with the latest technological trends.

Ease Of Use

The Blaze Media Pro window is simple to use. On the interface, you will see a playlist sub window where a list of songs will be displayed. To the right of the window there is a column with “convert audio” then “edit audio”, “burn CD/DVD”, and convert video amongst others. A click on any of these choices will take you into the next window where easy directions will be displayed. The interface is very user friendly, without a doubt. As a result, there is no excuse not to get the latest Blaze Media Pro and experience the incredible features therein for yourself.

Help And Support

Blaze Media Pro gives support by providing a website - - and an email address at There is also a host of other contacts listed, such as fax and postal mail contact points. The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section is available for you to get a grip of the situation where you need help. The software manual will also offer you enough information in case you need technical support.

The top three reasons to choose Blaze Media Pro are as follows:

  • It supports all media formats
  • It is durable and exceedingly flexible
  • It has many variant choices


  • It supports all media formats. This is important because most people have different CD formats and, as such require the best service.
  • It is durable and exceedingly flexible
  • It has many variant choices

When downloading Blaze Media Pro check out the following:

  • The playlist editor
  • The full drag and drop support
  • Playback support

The top three feature choices are as follows:

  • AutoCAD DWG To Image Converter
  • BackUp Time
  • AutoCAD DWG To Image Copy DVD