DRM Converter 3 for Mac Review

Top 5 features:
The DRM converter 3 for Mac easily converts iTunes M4P to either MP3 or AAC on a MAC OS X. this is done without any problem in so simple and short processes.

The second feature is that the converter also automatically removes DRM protection at an amazing speed and of the highest quality. This feature enables the user to  convert iTunes DRM that are protected music files to an unprotected MP3 , Apple Lossles, AAC,WAV or AIFF wave files for ready use at any computer or music device like the iPhone , Zune or CD player.

The other feature is that the DRM converter has a batch mode that is capable of converting large song collections like no other music converter as long as you install it in your PC. Its unique DRM removal solution is also legal and safe for use anywhere without restrictions.

The DRM music converter is also manufactured for universal use and is compatible with as well as optimized for use in both Intel and PPC Macs mother boards. The program is also compatible with iTunes 8, 9 and Mac OS 10.6 Sonw leopard without any hitch.

The DRM converter 3 is able of preserving ID tags for artists, the album and title names of the songs automatically without you prompting it to do so. This also enables the conversion of purchased songs for use with iPod, cell phone, PC or any other music MP3 player.

Ease of use:
The DRM converter will use your iTunes import settings so it does not change them. The other ease of use is that even if you buy more iTunes DRM protected files all you need to do is simply running the DRM Converter 3 to do the conversion of these music files as you enjoy all your protected music on iPod and other music players.

Help and support:
With an advanced technical team the DRM Converter 3 for Mac is all smiles as you will not get stopped at any point due to trouble shooting. The 24/7 helpline as well as the review website part will enable the user to get all the latest troubleshooting and how to go about it.

 Top three reasons to choose:

  • The reason why one should choose the DRM Converter 3 for Mac is that it will never rest for you and when the operation is over it will automatically make sure you have a new playlist in iTunes that has the imported files.
  • The converter will allow conversion of the music files even if you buy more iTunes DRM protected files because all you will need to do is to just run the DRM converter 3 to do the conversion.
  • Unlike other music conversion programs the DRM converter supports any iTunes as long as you make sure the importer settings are correct before running DRM converter 3 for mac.

The DRM converter 3 for mac is the best music conversion for those people who buy their music online but have compatibility issues with their Fmp3 player.