DRMBuster Review

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Top five features DRMBuster is a special kind of audio converter that is capable to convert audio files of multiple formats. Compatibility with numerous audio file formats and abilities to convert them properly in desired format can give any person much edge on their entertainment solutions. Top five features of DRMBuster include the following:

It supports all major type of audio and video file formats that you can play in major media players including windows media player, real player, quick time and so on. The output quality is great.

The DRMBuster comes with YouTube Ripper feature that will enable you to download any youtube video files and convert them to your suitable and preferred file formats. While you keep converting, it will require less time as the playback speed is 50x.

The DRMBuster is capable to maintain and archive the items as per their proper designations. It makes sorting various audio and video files in a well organized manner by segregating them and tagging them under different criteria like artist name, album, genre, date, length, file format and etc.

The converted files by DRMBuster can be played in all kind of media devices like zune, MP4 player, MP3 player, ipod, iphone, PDA, Zen, mobile phone and pocket PC. You can get complete conversion solution with DRMBuster.

The program interface of DRMBuster is very easy to use and easily navigable. You can drag, drop individual files or even go for batch mode conversion of your audio and video files. In either conversion, the quality of output remains par.

Ease of use The program is designed for ease of use with its wisely designed user interface. The program is compatible on any operating system. Its automatic installation wizard will get the installation done by your single click.

Help and support services are available for registered users to get help on troubleshooting.

The top three reasons to choose DRMBuster
You should choose DRMBuster for following three reasons

  1. It can be used on any operating system platform.
  2. Its converted files can be played on any devices including ipods, mp4 players, iphones and cell phones.
  3. You can use the program easily as it takes single click for installation, get batch mode for file conversion. All converted files have good quality output.

Summary DRMBuster is a good audio and video converter program without any doubt. Apart from its above-mentioned sterling features, it is capable to give your better result with high volume and speed of conversion that is geared by its unique technology utilization. It ensures the optimum resource utilization of your system while converting files. This ensures good health and safety for your machine.