Pavtube Bluray Ripper Review

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Top 5 Features:

  1. Rip both Bluray and DVD to video formats as your portable viewer requires. Pavtube Bluray Ripper is capable of ripping Blu-Ray and DVDs movie directly from disc, movie folder, or IFO/ ISO image file to required HD or SD video formats.
  2. Remove MKB V17, AACS and BD+ encryptions from Blu-ray Discs. Please note that making single copy of Bluray/DVD disc for backup is legal, but for commercial use is not. Pavtube has warned you herein.
  3. Guarantee Audio/video synchronization. Adopting frame by frame error correction and verification, Pavtube Bluray Ripper is able to output audio/video in perfect synchronization.
  4. Pavtube Bluray Ripper is capable of reading all subtitles including forced subtitles and audio tracks of a BD disc, including Dolby TureHD Audio and DTS-HD Master Audio, which enables you to select whatever subtitles and audio tracks in the source movie, no matter your mother tongue or other foreign languages.
  5. "Full Disk Copy” to remain Blu-ray/DVD originals is available and enables to copy the entire Bluray disc data to your computer hard drive for backup

Easy to Use & Well Suited to Task Interface:

  1. With onscreen instructions, you would have no problem to install and launch the program.
  2. Clean and neat interface; buttons and options are all well suited to tasks and it takes no efforts to find what you need.

Help and Support:

With the concept of First and Forever, Pavtube always place customers as well as their problems and requirements in the first place. You can turn to FAQ, Guide documentation on the website for help, and you can appeal to phone call or email for solution.

Reasons for choosing Pavtube Bluray Ripper:

  1. Pavtube Bluray Ripper is an all in one application and converts both Bluray and DVD discs.
  2. Free of worrying about audio and video out of sync, Pavtube Bluray Ripper outputs only audio/video in sync.
  3. Easy to use and users would have no problem to complete converting a Bluray or DVD disc with the neat and clean interface.

Help and Support:

Pavtube Bluray Ripper is a quality and practical application than not only copy Bluray and DVD discs to your computer for backup but also convert Bluray/DVD movie to various video formats for various devices through a profile including a myriad of output formats. In addition, Pavtube Bluray Ripper s users with basic editing function, through which you can trim, crop the video as well as adjusting effect of the video and adding watermark as you like.