Protected Music Converter Review

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Top five features
Protected Music Converter beats the protected and restrictive tags and therefore converts protected playable files of music to unrestricted and unprotected OGG, WAV, WMA and MP3. The resultant formats are then safely and easily played in QuickTime Player and Windows Media Player at any chosen time.

Protected Music Converter carries quality array of input formats support for extensions of filenames. Gsm, 3gp, aac, au, amr, ulw, adts, mpeg, m1s, m75, asx, asf, aiff, swa, amc, 3g2, drv-ms, wax, wav, ogg and mpm among more than fifty others.

Protected Music Converter carries a powerful batch conversion mode support that allows gargantuan files to be converted in a speed that is out of this world and very concerted. The exercise is also done at a go thus making the process both fun and time saving.

Protected Music Converter lends its support to the most current audio codecs. By use of the trendy LAME encoder, the OGG and the WMA are internally supported to produce one of the best quality conversions ever. It took quite a while coupled with concerted technological support to come up with the codecs decoder.

Protected Music Converter supports the whole windows operating system, the high quality windows media player and once you buy the software you get free RAM and hard disk space.

Ease of use
The interface is straightforward and simple to manipulate following a single mouse click. All you do is add in the files of music on the list in the batch section, choose required output format and click on “Start” button. Drop and drag, copy and paste and other standard profiles are also clearly included.

Help and support
In our site there is information, lots of them, that will give you the prerequisite snippets on using the Protected Music Converter software. Also presented are animations and graphics that describe the process of conversion to give you an indelible visual effect.

Top three reason to choose Protected Music Converter

  1. Since it beats protection by DRM, it is quality software to have
  2. The Protected Music Converter is flexible, affordable and powerful
  3. This software is made easy by easy-to-understand features

Protected Music Converter does good work in converting the many audio files to the most known formats like the MP3 and WAV. It does the whole exercise in a speed and efficiency that has long been the envy of other software giants that do the conversion. Do not be mistaken, its efficacy is mainly as a result of the incredible top features, the batch conversion mode probably being the most prominent.