Sound Taxi Professional Review

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Top five Features

Sound taxi professional is a wonder kid when it comes to enjoying your desired music stuff. It does not matter which type or platform, it works with MP3 player, iPod, PC, iPhone and even a car without any hindrances. The below features makes the sound taxi professiona a magic you love to have.

The Sound Taxi Professional removes or takes away the DRM restriction / protection from your music files by use simple clicks. And more interestingly, you are able to play converted music files by a media player and/ or Mp3 players of different designs e.g. the iPod, Zune, iPhone, Audio CD player, Cell Phone and Pocket PC among other devices.

The sound Taxi Professional offers support to a wide range of musical file systems. This includes those files with DRM protection or without it and they include M4P, WMA, AAC, and MP3 and so on. Sound taxi professional also generates the unprotected MP3, WAV, MPEG4 audio (AAC) designs of music files that have no DRM.

Sound Taxi Professional provides for input file protection with no hindrances or limitations (it handles both unprotected and protected files) such as M4P, M4V, AVI, RAX, WMA, AAC, RA, OGG, MP4, and SND. This system also deals with all types of Media player Formats and has the capability to unprotect the protected musical stuff from Napster, iTunes, MSBMusic and Yahoo Music among others.

Sound Taxi Professional works or offers support to output files without showing signs of failure. It works with MP3, AAC (MPEG4 audio) and WAV in the most scintillating way.

Sound Taxi Professional has tremendous conversion speeds that reach 50X, a measure that place it above every other system. Besides, its ability to convert the protected music to the height of 16 files in as a single action is laudable.

Ease of use
Sound Taxi professional can work with any user interface and can integrate both the video files as well as audio files that are protected by the DRM. Its installation is easy hence makes its use of opening music files and audio files protected with DRM easy and faster.

Help and support
The presence of online services which are 24 hours will work towards your way. the clearly designed installation and operation guide helps you handle the program with very little difficulties. Incase you face any problem; the 24 hour email address provides immediate solution to you.

Top three reasons for choosing Sound Taxi professional

  1. it gives high quality sounds and offers support for the stereo channels
  2. the files released performs on the PC or MP3 player
  3. Have the power to remove DRM protection from the music files by use of simple clicks.

Sound Taxi professional lives to its expectations, it offers support to many musical files of any formats, those with and without DRM like ACC, MP4, WMA among others. It also unprotects those files that are protected from Napster, iTunes and Yahoo music.