TS-Audio To MIDI Review

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Top five features:
Numerous features are associated with the TS-Audio TO MIDI. Some of these features include

The availability of both the monophonic and the polyphonic detection method- this way, the software will be able to detect any of this and make all the necessary conversions.

Both the real time and the offline formats can be easily detected. Therefore the software will be able to make all the necessary conversions. It will not have any problem in detecting even the slightest voices and sound.

The software has got the automatic and the manual ways of tuning. This way, you will be in a better position to get the frequency that you want from the normal modes. If one does not work, you can always try the alternative.

There are also various input modes available in this software. Among these includes the MP3 and the CD tracks. This will enable you to choose the mode that you want or when one fails, you can always use the other as an alternative.

Sensor selectivity and sharpness optimization are also present. This way, you will be in a better position to detect any variations and make the necessary changes giving you quality sound.

Ease of use:
The program is not difficult to apply, as there is other supportive software that comes with the TS-Audio TO MIDI. If this software is not helpful, there are always guidelines that will enable you to use this software.

Help and support:
There are support services that are available online for those who bought and are using the software.

The top three reasons to choose TS-Audio To MIDI:
These are the reasons that will make you go for the TS-AudioT oMIDI

  1. You can easily upload your favorite music file to your website page. This way you can be able to play it on your mobile phone or set it as a ring tone.
  2. You can still use the melody in your MIDI instrument while training. This music will be playing in the background.
  3. The TS-AudioT OMIDI can be used in two distinctive formats; in real time and offline. This is an added advantage that comes with this software.

TS-Audio TO MIDI can be used while converting polyphonic music like the WAV, MP3, AIF, audio CD track into MIDI format. In the real time format changes the music coming through the microphone to your computer into the MIDI format. The software is in a better position to detect the polyphonic sound and converters them into monophonic audio. This is done within the shortest time while giving you the quality sounds that you want.