WMAConvert Review

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Top five features
The Window Media Audio (WMA) converter converts all the audio formats to window media audio and makes it easy for those people who like music feel comfortable and relaxed as it gives the desired quality music.

This is one of the most friendly user interfaces as the conversion process is divided in to several steps and helps the user to know what is going on once he is in full control of the program as it offers the user with a lot of tips on how to use it. It helps to choose the appropriate frequency or bit rate and the necessary settings required therefore preventing your files from being damaged.

The WMA source formats include MP3, RA, APL, MP+, MP4, AA, WAV, MOD, MTM, XM, UMX and APE.

The batch conversion option will save your time as you can set the tool to convert 800 files at ago and leave it to do the remaining job.

Total WMA converter can also rip your compact disk and convert the tracks from compact disk audio to Window media audio and above all you can also launch total WMA converter within other programs.

If you have and audio file on you desktop and you have the WMA converter installed in your computer all you need is to just right click and the convert menu and this is easier as you will not launch the program convert the audio files to WAV.

There is also the trial version which is free which enables the user to compare and see if it works good for him before purchasing and once you like it you will only be required to purchase the key later and this shows the product is good.

Ease of use
The WMA converter is designed for ease use with most of the instructions provided on the menu of the software and supports all the operating system and the installation is simple as it has no step and many serial numbers to enter like the rest. You will only require the key.

Help and support
The support services are available to both the registered and non-registered user for help on repairing or installing new features.

The top three reasons to choose WMA converter
The following reasons will make you choose WMA converter

  1. The WMA converter can change any music file to any desired format that can be compatible to any computer or media player without any difficulties.
  2. It also enables batch conversion of up to 800 music files which most you have to convert one music file at a time.
  3. Using the WMA converter does not require any special knowledge to operate as it guides the user on most of the steps involved.

Apart from the mentioned features, the WMA converter gives high quality music conversions that can play at 50X speed and can operate easily without interrupting other programs that might be running when using WMA converter.