Audio Recorder Software Reviews

    The Definitive Guide to Audio Recorder Software

Audio recording software is such an exciting type of program with its ability of editing, recording and playing audio music and voice at amazing speeds. This software supports usually Mac, Windows and a users pocket PC and has been developed to satisfy special needs varying from voice recording, audio recording, mp3 or music recording among others.

Audio recording software allows users to record sound quickly and easily. It offers perfect and quality digital output when played via users PC .The software provides for both telephone recording and multi channel audio services - audio recording software boasts of robust features as well as easy to use interface that makes the software a fail not and operator friendly software when used on the daily basis. It is possible to perform a users recording from one to sixty four sound channels simultaneously whilst enjoying outstanding quality, providing automatic control level as well as digital signal conversions. Audio Recording software allows users to search via date, line, time and relevant data in the software or simply via ausers internet browser

This software is so special in many ways and the sound editing is one such amazing part. Is has important functions such as copy, cut, paste, insert, delete, autotrim and silence, all providing users with quality working time and output. With the software under their control, users get to enjoy great sound or audio effects generated from its amplifying abilities as well as equalizers, normalize button, reverb, reverse, echo, envelope and most importantly, the sample rate conversion among the other great functions.

    The best Audio Recorder Software- Software Review Boffin Top 3 choices

Audio Record Wizard

First Place Gold Medal * * * * *
Audio Record Wizard is a very powerful sound and music recorder that is designed to record from the PCs sound card and be able to save all the recordings in the file format of you choice, which could be MP3, WAV, or even the ogg vorbis format. Audio Record Wizard is an easy to use software that is normally used to record both sound and music from the pcs sound card and be able to keep it in the MP3 or WAV format without any problem or difficulty. This audio recording software has a number of features, which makes Audio Record Wizard perform quality work at all the times. One thing that makes music enjoyable is converting it into MP3 as it help to save both space and time. All that you need to achieve this is using Audio Record Wizard as it works more effectively at all the times Audio Record Wizard

Super Mp3 Recorder

Second Place Silver Medal * * * * *
Super Mp3 Recorder is a strong audio recording tool which is cable of recording sounds and music files from any source and storing it and using the format of your choice. You can record your music files with tSuper Mp3 Recorder temporarily and later change them or personalize then using your customized CD.Super Mp3 Recorder professional is a feature that can be used to correct audio files as you desire by cutting, replication, pasting and trimming and with various DSP effects. Super Mp3 Recorder

iSofter Audio Recorder Vista

Third Place Bronze Medal * * * * *
iSofter Audio Recorder Vista is one of the most important and powerful software that is being used to convert audio that is being played in any of the media players and is able to record it quite easily without any problem. iSofter Audio Recorder Vista software has a number of features, which makes it unique from other existing audio recording software. iSofter Audio Recorder Vista is a very powerful software that is normally used to record voice from a microphone, internet streaming audio, or to record music that is being played on any of the existing media players which includes windows media player. iSofter Audio Recorder Vista