iSofter Audio Recorder Vista Review

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Top five features: Isofter audio recorder vista is normally used with vista windows which is actually the only operating system which works perfectly with this software. This is exactly where it derived its name from and therefore you should be vigilant enough before settling on purchasing this software.

The isofter audio recorder vista is very perfect when it comes to editing audio  files as it simply implies the fact that you cut and copy paste the content that is employing the various Digital Signal Processing(DSP) effects quite easily.

Another very important feature is that, the isofter audio recorder vista is actually capable of recording any signal that is being played through the sound card as MP3, WMA, or even as wave file with very high density quality. This makes music very much enjoyable at all the times as it records it with an excellent sound of all the times.

Moreover, the isofter audio recorder vista is quite unique as it can record the audio for as long as you like it to without any interruption. This is very great as will enjoy the sound recorded as it has no specific number limit and this therefore gives you a greater chance to record as much as you want. For is very great is that, you can as well edit this sounds as it has strong editing feature to make you eliminate what you do not want.

For the purpose of your own convenience during the audio recording, the isofter audio recorder vista comes with a volume control which enables you to set the desired volume for the audio that you are recording.

Ease of use: This software is very easy to use and to further simplify things, it comes with user interface, which provides guidelines on its usage.

Help and support: There is a free download for the isofter audio recorder vista, which acts as assurance on how this software works.

Top 3 reasons to choose isofter audio recorder vista:

  • The isofter audio recorder vista has the ability to convert any kind of music that is being played by real player into MP3
  • It records any online music played by any online radio station and convert it to MP3
  • It get rid of the DRM copy protection for you to listen to the music freely

Summary: ISofter audio recorder vista is one of the most important and powerful software that is being used to convert audio that is being played in any of the media players and is able to record it quite easily without any problem. This software has a number of features, which normally makes it unique from other existing audio recording software. This software work comfortably with windows vista and therefore incase you really want to improve on the sound recordings that you are working on, and then you should opt for this software to enhance your work.