Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder Review

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Does your university, college or school provide audio and video lectures on their website? Do you not wish you could download them to your iPod so that you can watch and listen to them at a more suitable time? How about downloading a cooking video to your iPod so you can watch it in the kitchen and follow that celebrity chef?
Find, download and convert music, video and radio from your favorite websites. Yes, it can be done very easily. Once monitoring, Jaksta will detect and begin to download any video, music, radio stream, Flash game or presentation that is played in your browser. It will also convert it if need be.
Jaksta supports the largest number of streaming protocols available in a downloader today. There is no need to even continue to play the stream in your browser. Jaksta creates its own connection where possible and leaves you to continue browsing.
Where Jaksta detects secured streams, it will record the stream as it plays in your browser. This ensures you comply with any copy protection mechanisms any given site has employed.
Do you want to extract the audio from a video file? Do you want to extract only the music from a video? With Jaksta, it is possible do this and much more. It has a lot of functionalities and settings. Jaksta is an independent browser and does not interfere or slow down your browsing like so many other browser plugin downloaders do as they scan every page you view.
There is no need to use multiple products to download streaming media. Jaksta can capture all common streaming media protocols including progressive HTTP, RTSP (Microsoft and QuickTime), RTMP, RTMPE, ICECAST, ASF, Flash Games and Flash Presentations.
Are you travelling with children these holidays? Use Jaksta to fill up your video iPod with your children’s favorite cartoons from video.aol.com and keep the kids occupied on that long plane, train or car trip.
Jaksta's Streaming Media Recorder and Converter can even automatically import recorded media into Apple iTunes™ for all you Apple iPod™ fans! Choose free downloads from YouTube™!  Choose record streams from popular sites like  MySpace™  YouTube™  Metacafe™  Charle Rose™ Project PlayList™  Google™Video  NBC™  Hulu™ Reuters™  Yahoo!™ Music and many others
The main reasons to choose this program are:

  • Easy to use
  • Record all kinds of streaming media including FLV, RTMP, RTSP, ICECAST, WMV, ASF and MP3
  • Record streams from sites that use RTMP with anti-ripping technology

If you want to find your favorite radio or video station, with Jaksta Streaming Multimedia not only is possible but is very easy to find and to manage in playlist form. Furthermore, if you want to have your favorite music and videos with you all the time, with Jaksta Streaming Multimedia you can convert the files into all of the portable formats. Do you never get the chance to catch up on the latest TV shows? Use Jaksta to record or download them from sites like CBS.com, Sho.com and Hulu.com. Now you can watch them when you want.
This product is designed to run on the following operating systems:
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows 2000
Additional Requirements:
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0