Monkey Merge Review

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Top Five Features:
  • The Monkey job systems are sophisticated with ease of use and a graphical explanation to help those users that do not know anything about it: This site consists of so many options - File Monkey, Monkey Merge, Fold Monkey, Convert Monkey, Rename folder List, JPEG Japery and so on - that contain graphical representations to make it easier for the end-user to easily understand and perform tasks. The front page itself gives a through idea of what is present in this software.
  • The software also provides a free demo version: There is a free trial version of this Monkey software in which we can actually use it before we buy it. There will not be any doubt as to whether the software will be useful for you or not. Working with this software makes life easier. The trial version lasts for 30 days and this gives you a chance to become very familiar with this software.
  • More Advanced Features: The features provided with each of the software packages are very unique and difficult to find in other software products.  You can do various kinds of activities like merging, appending, encrypting, extracting, splitting, trimming, cutting, date and time stamps and various other features all in one software package.
  • The different types of options that we can do with this Monkey Merge is as follows:
  1. File Monkey
  2. Monkey Merge
  3. Fold Monkey
  4. Convert Monkey
  5. Rename From List
  6. JPEG Japery
  7. Max Money
  8. Append to Files
  9. Stock Monkey
  10. DPX Time Code Editor
  • The tutorials that is given tells you exactly what the software is all about: It covers all most of the questions that are asked.  If you click on any one question, it contains a step by step procedure with a screenshot to illustrate the feature. This step by step procedure makes it easier for any beginner to use the package.  In addition to the text, the screenshots given with examples enhances readability.
  • The software is excellently designed and has feature for bug reporting: If any of the users of this software find that there is a bug in it, they can report it directly, thus giving flexibility to the users that wish to key-in their thoughts. This also increases the independence of those using this software.
  • The software has a added advantage of a built-in forum: If the users want to discuss anything about this software or have any doubts after using the tutorials and FAQ’s, they can directly contact the forums to get answers from the top experts that use this software.  There is no need to search for forums to find answers because of this makes it easier to have your questions answered.


Ease Of Use
  1. The users are provided with all information regarding the various software features so they can be easily understood.
  2. Moreover, the Monkey site provides many additional features for easy access.
  3. The FAQs and tutorials are clear for ease of use.
Help And Support:

The company provides many help and support facilities, as follows.

  1. Support like tutorials to go through and get a feel what it does.
  2. Many Graphical Screenshots are also given to enhance user friendliness. Users are also provided with free-trial version also to enhance the usability.
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  • It has a step-by-step approach with graphical representations of how to install and uninstall.
  • A short description of what actually the software does is given in a short note.
  • How each action is performed is also explained.
  • A quick note about how the software’s will be actually supported.

The site contains an in-built forum for all types of communication and discussion regarding the product between the users as well as the experts.


It contains a another special feature where it stores all the questions asked by the users and their replies so all the frequently asked questions have been explained in a clear manner, which is very helpful for some one very new to site .

The top three reasons to choose Monkey Merge:
  1. The software contains many features which we use in daily life. The software is also easy to use and very handy because anyone can use it effectively.
  2. The site contains search options for all criteria and provides excellent support functions via facilities like tutorials, forums, FAQ and an additional functionality of bug reporting.

Software downloading is available and also it contains many advanced features like graphical representation, screenshots for each process, a step-by-step procedure for each task is included in the software to make life easier and so on. A free-trial version of 30 days is granted for the first time users in which they can use the various features and see how to use each and every function in a very effective way. 


The top 3 reasons to get Monkey Merge software:
  1. High quality software with many advanced features.
  2. Trusted support features.
  3. Monkey Merge concentrates on user satisfaction and independence.

Monkey Merge consists of all manner of unique features with advanced technology, which is designed in such a way that it can be easily understood by everyone. Moreover, the site is very user friendly. The support provided by them is very good in all aspects. It contains the search criteria which will satisfy users very much.

The most important features to look for when you download Monkey Merge software:
  • The software has the added advantage of a built-in forum
  • The software is excellently designed and in addition it has feature for bug reporting
  • The Monkey job systems are sophisticated with ease of use and its graphical explanation helps those users that know little about this

The best Monkey Merge software:

  1. This software provides amazing unique features in an understandable format.
  2. The software design is built based on graphical representation that can be understood by all.
  3. Each and every feature is given with good examples and screenshots to illustrate its use.