Scriptcase PHP Generator Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. Scriptcase Rapid Web Application Development is a software package that runs in a users browser . Software Review Boffin considers that Scriptcase is made for everyone, by using Scriptcase users are able to create a large web system within a few hours, saving considerable time and effort.
  2. With Scriptcase PHP Generator users are not required to have over a limited development knowledge in order to use the software, Scriptcase will enable someone who is starting out to develop web applications and to create a result well beyond novice standard, conversely Scriptcase will allow an expert developer to create applications in rapid speed saving it even more time.
  3. Scriptcase PHP Generator Supports multiple languages on the interface, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified). Scriptcase also supports regional setting settings from more than 75 different locations.
  4. Scriptcase PHP Generator allows more than one developer to use at once, Scriptcase also runs in a users browser -thus allowing t Scriptcase to be installed on a server and be accessed from any terminal in a network. Software Review Boffin found this feature a great assistance in our review process.
  5. Scriptcase PHP Generator Runs in multi operating systems, windows, linux, MAC and IBM. It also support 13 different databases, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Access, among others.

Ease Of Use:

Scriptcase PHP Generator employs several installers that will ensure ease of all the installation effort, with just a few clicks Scriptcase is ready to be used.

Scriptcase PHP Generator can create forms, grids and charts with JQuery, JavaScript and Ajax.

Software review boffin found Scriptcase a friendly interface that makes everything intuitive for the users convenience.

Help And Support:

As Scriptcase has grown in the past few years they have been conscientious to improve instruction to their customers on how to use and make the best of the Scriptcase PHP Generator software. Software Review Boffin has observed on how Scriptcase have upgraded documentation, video section in their website. Scriptcase provides online support for their customers including forum, a ticket system available for any customer who may have any questions, facebook fan page, feedback feature from their website. Scriptcase PHP Generator also has free 3 hour course video in their site where customers can learn how to create and use all applications created on Scriptcase PHP Generator.

The top three reasons to choose Scriptcase

  1. As Rapid Web Application Development product , Scriptcase PHP Generator will do what other RAD tool cannot do, it also allows the user to do anything that they would do outside Scriptcase- inside Scriptcase, however easier and faster.
  2. Scriptcase PHP Generator runs within the browser and will allow multiple developers to use simultaneously at the same time.
  3. Whatever users may alter or amend on Scriptcase PHP Generator , with a simple and easy maintenance, (just a few clicks) the user can modify what was done previously and re attempt the content one more time.


Software Review Boffin found Scriptcase PHP Generator a dynamic tool to lift web development productivition. Scriptcase PHP Generator will run at call within a the users browser thus enabling web application mutual development. Scriptcase PHP Generator supports most databases available thereby generating highly customizable PHP code and easy maintenance. Scriptcase PHP Generator is simple to manage and simple to use whilst generating sophisticated nice looking applications saving the user time and increasing profit margins.