Basic Bookkeeping Review

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It is often troublesome to keep record of the costs, employee details, contracts and all other necessary information for small business. However, by using certain software this tedious work can be accomplished and the smooth running of the business ensured. The growing demands of small businesses have encouraged the developer to innovate and create software that will help in keeping track of the expenses and accounts. Amongst this software, some are really helpful and the others need further development.

The Basic Bookkeeping software was developed by Owl Software in 2000 and has been considered the best business software by numerous review sites including Software Review Boffin, it is one of the best 100 downloads available on the Internet.

The Key Features:

Basic Bookkeeping software has a nicely organized graphical user interface. All the main categories are arranged in tabs and the subcategories and functions are distributed as buttons. This enables the user to access the features easily and get the best out of the application.

Income and expenses can be perfectly maintained by using the Basic Bookkeeping software. Under the Income & Expenses tab, it has different command buttons for various purposes. The defined folders in the middle of the application window allow the user to set the folders where all the information should be saved and accessed. The Edit Income and Edit Expenses functions help modify and access income and expense information. The dialogue box presented has been listed with all the expenses and income that can occur in a small business. Income Accounts and Expense Accounts are used to set and view the status of income and expenses. Users can easily import income information from files by clicking on the Import Income button. The function of the Retroactive Rate Change is to make retroactive changes to expense amounts that have been computed based on the numbers given.

The Reports tab contains the Income Reports, Profit Reports, Expense Reports, Mileage Log, General Ledger and Register options. They have unique features, as their labels imply. For instance, the General Ledger function exports and shows a table of transactions between the time periods given. The Income Reports, Profit Reports and the Expense Reports show the income, profit and expense reports respectively. The user can check the register any time by clicking on the Check Register button.

The Setup tab allows user to set the default data states like Fiscal Year Setup, Mileage Rate Setup, Check Layout, Checks, Report Font and so on. Passwords can be set by simply choosing the Set Password option.

Finally, the File Maintenance tab is used to backup or restore files, archive and de-archive data, re-index or pack data reports. Data can be also upgraded manually from this tab.

Services :

Owl Software, the owner of the Basic Bookkeeping Software, provides excellent customer support through their website and the 24-hour customer support they offer. Individuals or companies can download the trial version and use it for 30 days. The software price is also reasonable.

The Basic Bookkeeping Software offers a vast variety of functions and services that is essential for the ever growing business world today. This software has changed the history of bookkeeping. Most of the small business owners are using it these days. For those who want a hassle free, smoothly run business Basic Bookkeeping Software is a must-have.