iCash Review

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ICash is software that is built to manage your financial problems by keeping record of spending, income, credit cards, debts and other bank matters for you. You will not need accounting knowledge to use this software. Your financial health is largely dependent on good financial assistance and advice so would not it be great if you could receive the required help and advice sitting in front of your personal computer? It would certainly be a lot easier. The software can be your personal financial manager, especially given the fact that it is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

The top 6 features of the software are as follows:

  1. This software has some super exclusive functions and they are very useful for both business and personal use.
  1. The software includes a linguistic assistant. For example, if the software is required by someone who does not understand English then that person can buy the given language edition so that he/she can understand and run the software.
  1. It is not double entry software but single entry instead. That is why you will not need any accounting knowledge to use it. ICash is very user friendly and easy to run as a result.
  1. As there are no limitations, you can create as many ICash accounts as you want. The users that need to build more than one account will find it a very helpful feature. ICash has the ability to understand different currencies so it can work in that way too.
  1. ICash includes full budget management capabilities and a multi purpose calculator. These tools are very important to calculate and keep track of the financial information. You can customize the calculator in the way it best works for you.
  1. The software contains a very powerful SQL database engine that has an auto-backup protection system so you will not have to be tense about losing data and valuable information. Its multi-document interface is admirable and has special versions for Mac OS X (Universal) and Windows.

Ease Of Use:
The software is easy to use and extremely user friendly. Its interface is very simple to use as it contains all the necessary keys and buttons. All you have to do is click on the right button for the required function. All the instructions are very clear. It has a password protection system that will let you protect your information and financial details from other people.

The user manual they provide for the customers is the best part of their supporting strategy. If you forget your password, which is not unusual, then you can recover it from the site.

Top three reasons to choose ICash are as follows:

  1. The software runs both in windows and Macintosh.
  2. It is very user friendly and contains some extraordinary features
  3. You can easily plan your budget by just watching the reports.

Overall, the software can be your personal financial manager and it will serve the purpose in the best possible way.