Tiny Books For The Macintosh Review

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Tiny Book is an efficient book keeping software package that has been designed for Macintosh computers. It is made for home users, but it is also applicable to the private business owners. The software works only on Mac because the version for Windows operating systems has not been published yet.

Top Five Features Of Tiny Books:

  1. Tiny Books has some exclusive and unique features that make this software better than most software of this criterion.
  2. Tiny Books is not excessively expanded and also very flexible. That is why it is best for home and small business purposes because it will not be hard for a person to control. It is not overly complex or large.
  3. Most of the book-keeping software available is made for a single tax year so the software has to be purchased every single year, which is a waste of money. Tiny Books is a superb software package and, even if the tax laws change, it can work with the modified laws. This is one of the best features of Tiny Books.
  4. Tiny Books is single entry software and works by itself. The user just has to enter each expense, tax and other elements that you want to count and then set the counting period. When the time comes, the software compiles all the entries will give you the results itself. Its superb algorithm makes it really effective software.
  5. Its account dialog and the non-modal reports window give you the power to create every sort of report you desire and for any period of time. You can create custom styles too as a result of its flexibility. The Bottom Line Report is an exclusive report that is a very professional feature of this software. You will not have to set any parameters because the software will sort it out. The software also offers graphical, intuitive and instant monthly trends. Budgets can easily be integrated into any account.


Tiny Books is compatible to all kinds of international and domestic tax systems. It can even work with several different taxes at the same time, but it is still simple and easy to work with.

How Does It Work?: Tiny Books work procedure is really simple and anyone can use it. Firstly, you will have to create an account name for your family or business. You will have to input certain relevant information. This document is called a book within the software. All you have to do is designate a name of the taxes and add the percentage before going to the main directory and entering the expenses and incomes. Do not forget to set the processing time. Once you are done the software will automatically count and process all the entries and give you the result in no time.

Help And Support: The company provides guidelines for users. The company’s website has a user manual to aid with troubleshooting in addition to offering some extras help.

Top Three Reasons To Choose Tiny Books:

  1. Simplicity and flexibility will be the first reasons to choose it because most other book-keeping software is very complicated.
  2. Efficiency in working with the changed tax laws is another reason to choose it.
  3. Tiny Books also offers a professional invoice printer utility and the reports are printed in white pages. That is why you do not have to worry about extra expenses.

Tiny Books is very effective book-keeping software and is very easy to maintain. It has some super special features that have made this software different and better than any other.