AISBackup Review

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Top 5 features: The AISBackup software program can restore and support disaster recovery using the Microsoft windows vista set on DVD or a copy of AISBackup on CD or even a USB device

It also supports 32 and 64 bit windows for backup operation without any difficulties

The software as well supports all windows versions that include even the windows 7 and windows server 2008

With AISBackup software you can freely create, schedule and change backup jobs at your own will and demand

You can also run backup and integrity check jobs on remote PCs or even automatically distribute updates to AISBackup and even still view backup job reports at the same time if you so wish

Ease of use: The users of this software program know that it is user friendly and does not need any technological know how to start the use. Its user interface is also easily comprehensible and supports the user because it will ask for few prompts and clicks of the mouse for backup operations to start

Help and support: One can always reach the customer services, information or even sales services with an email that will be acted upon within 24 hours of receiving. One can as well prefer the snail mail if they so wish for information enquiries incase of a trouble shooting or even asking of updates. The experienced team of technicians has placed the FAQs in the products website for one to get familiar with the most frequently asked questions and their answers for further help if needed

Top 3 reasons to choose AISBackup
  • The AISBackup software provides Windows PC backup and windows server backing as well as restoring efficacy of data and the OS to interior and exterior disk drives, FTP, CD,DVD, networked drives and other devices that look like a disk to windows
  • the software can easily operate with all windows operating systems starting from the Windows95, hence incase one demands a windows XP backup, vista backup or still Windows 7 backup you will most definitely find the AISBackup useful
  • the software backs up Server application data for instance the SQL Server backup and Microsoft Exchange backup without having to install additional software
Summary: The AISBackup once bought does not ask for charges when upgrading, all one has to do is download the new version of the AISBackup and do the installation on top of the existing version. It is also important to note that the AISBackup is also kept in away that it will be well-suited with your old backups even if the current backups made on the current versions of the software may not be attuned to the older versions