Aniosoft iTunes Backup Review

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Top 5 features: The software can actually backup your own iTunes library into a public computer so that several iTunes libraries can coexist in a single computer hence solving the covering of iTunes library for your family as well

It can as well restore all your iTunes music if your computer cracks or even if your iTunes library is covered or still even cleared. This will allow you to burn the backup files to DVD or transfer them to USB drives for storage at your own preferred location

With the Aniosoft iTunes Backup, you can import iTunes library backup files from any other computer hence allowing you to share music with your friends and family members as you wish

The software can be used by both the veterans and beginners without facing any opposition because it has easy to use user friendly interface.

One quick click can automatically check the current iTunes library and backup several iTunes libraries in a single computer hence allowing you a quick and easy switch between them

Ease of use: The mentioned user interface does not complicate the operation of the Aniosoft iTunes Backup as it allows both the beginners and veterans a simple and equal chance. The software also allows single clicks to initiate operations and backup tasks hence it is not a bother top the user and does not demand close attention incase of multitasking.

Help and support: There is a 24 hours customer services email address that makes sure your questions and demands are listened to incase one arises. One can also access the FAQ’s in the products website for further clarity and trouble shooting incase of one. There is also a team of technicians who handle the advanced instances of trouble shooting.

Top 3 reasons to choose Aniosoft iTunes Backup
  • The software allows you to claim back all your iTunes incase your library crashes , is covered or even cleared due to carelessness or unintentional.
  • You can also import the iTunes library backup files from another computer which will allow you share music and other iTunes files with all those you care for and would like to have the same music you listen to.
  • The software is a small and easy to use utility for iTunes users and allows you to backup all your iTunes library files with such a high speed.
Summary: The Aniosoft iTunes Backup is easy to use software that is compatible to both the veteran and the beginners at all the times. It can automatically check current iTunes library as well as backing up several iTunes libraries in one single computer which can be easily switched between the computers.