Cibecs Endpoint Data Backup Software Review

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Software Review Boffin considers Cibecs the simplest way to backup business data on laptops and desktops within your enterprise.

Top Five Features & Benefits:

  1. Central Management:
    • Cibecs can be centrally deployed. Active Directory integration automates the installation of the User Agent software, simplifying deployment in enterprise environments.
    • Backup policies are designed specifically for backing up end user computers and can be centrally defined based on different business units ensuring that only business critical data is protected, resulting in reduced bandwidth and storage requirements.
    • The organization has full control over backup selection, quotas, schedule options and settings.
  2. Fast & Reliable Data Backups:
    • Software Review Boffin established that once policies have been defined, data backup is automated ensuring userís business data is protected.
    • Additionally Backups are fast & efficient through patch backup technology and NTFS change journal support.
    • Cibecs will also backup open files through integration with Microsoft VSS.
    • Cibecs is optimized for the backup of archived Microsoft Outlook email resulting in faster & more reliable backups.
  3. Transparent Data Backups
    • Cibecs backups are transparent and happen in the background- meaning no interruption in user productivity.
    • Dynamic throttling further ensures minimal impact on the user during backups.
  4. Technical & Business Reporting
    • Consolidated reporting from a single console across multiple backup servers ensures corporate governance compliance and effective risk management.
    • The Product Dashboard & Protection Rating provide a simplified view of a organizationís data protection status & the effectiveness of Cibecs allowing them to gage their protection against data loss over thousands of users.
    • Email delivery of reports provides these same simplified metrics and can be scheduled.
  5. Quick & Easy Data Recovery
    • Wizard-driven data restores speed up data restores & reduce required resources
    • File versioning allows previous versions of the files to be restored
    • Data can be restored in the original location, saving time & reducing user downtime
    • Cibecs overcomes incompatibilities between operating systems when migrating data with advanced shortcut support.

How Cibecs Will Simplify Enterprise PC Refresh Projects

Reduce Data Migration Risks
  1. IT can easily locate and backup critical data stored in non-standard locations on laptops and desktops, reducing the risk of not migrating all business critical data.
  2. Data can be restored on new hardware in the original location- saving time and avoiding increased IT support requests and interrupted productivity.
  3. Overcome incompatibilities between operating systems when migrating shortcuts such as My Documents and the userís Desktop.
  4. Ensuring that Microsoft Outlook archived email stored on user computers is easily migrated. Reduce Extended User Downtime
  5. Business data on laptops & desktops is automatically backed up and available for recovery, simplifying the refresh process.
  6. Simplified recovery to new computers reducing time required by technical resources. Minimize impact on infrastructure during data migration
  7. Central control over backup policies prevents unnecessary bandwidth and storage wastage caused
  8. Data is compressed, preventing inflated operational costs and lowering impact on the network by reducing bandwidth usage.
  9. User data is encrypted, aiding with corporate governance compliance and ensuring confidentiality of business data during migration.
  10. Centralized reporting provides an audit trail of the migration process.

Help & Support

Cibecs has a comprehensive online Knowledge Base with online tutorials, guides and best practice papers. Cibecs also offers email support and telephonic support.

Free Trial

Anyone can download a Free Trial of the Cibecs software by visiting the Cibecs website Ė Get started here