Genie Backup Manager Professional V8 Review

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Top 5 features: Can be used by both small and medium size business users to back up and recover all their intact systems

It also recovers data and files in a matter of few minute and stores them in secure location that can not be affected

This software program also works smoothly with all devices of storage and media players the iPod, iTouch and iPhone included

The ease of use makes it idea for use even with novices and hence one needs no professional inclination before it is used

The Genie Backup Manager Pro v8 does all the offsite backup storage in few prompts and clicks of the mouse.

Ease of use: The software also has automated schedules that enable it work with more easily and without having prompts from the user all the time. The user interface is also so particle and friendly that any one can freely use when it is a matter of emergency backup

Help and support: The FAQs help the users to get the first hand trouble shooting solution incase it is inevitable. The teams of technicians also help out the registered users from immediately the alarm email is send. The user can also access 24 hours of email help incase the trouble shooting demands advanced check up

Top 3 reasons to choose Genie Backup Manger Pro v8
  • The software program is useful in our homes for our personal tasks and work. It will help make our home tasks safe and secured
  • incase it is used for business it will help backtrack lost information and restore them for use incase they are deleted
  • The software is not only restricted to small businesses but can also be used by service providers and OEMs without facing a difficulty.
Summary: This software is vital for business in that it will back track the lost information and make it available for the user incase one tampered with the information. It is also useful at home and can be used by any one wants a backup software that will live to its reputation. The ease of functionality makes the software a first priority for many business people who want a backup for there business