Handy Backup Pro Review

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Top five features: Handy backup pro is very powerful software, which is basically designed to provide professional quality data backup on the computer or on the network. It is all that you need for quality information at the long run.

Handy backup pro program is basically designed to work effectively with a number of operating systems which includes Windows 95, windows 98, windows Me, Windows NT, windows 2000, and windows XP. The supportive measure of working in almost all the operating systems gives you an opportunity to purchase it for your system.

Moreover, the handy backup pro has the ability to conveniently backup all your files at any given time and be able to restore the files from the backup copy or even synchronize them in various locations.

The handy backup pro software is very great as it actually fully supports the CD-R/CD-RW together with disk spanning which enables the individuals to store their data in these devices without any worry of losing them at any given point. It acts well as a good point to protect the information for future use.

It allows the program to be run as a service and more especially on the NT-based systems and this means that, the program automatically makes the backup if the user is in need and that he is logged on to it.

Ease of use: This software is very much easy to install and use by anybody and to simplify things further, it normally comes with user interface or guide which provides all the information on how this software is put in place and used at all the times.

Help and support: Free technical support is guaranteed by the service provider, which makes it cool for those individuals whom they are new at it and more especially when they encounter any trouble while using this software.

Top 3 reasons to choose handy backup pro: There are a number of quality reasons which can actually drive an individual to choosing this great software. However, the three top best reasons include;
  • Its powerful features make it greatly cool to backup solution for desktops, laptops, servers and other small networks.
  • With this software in place, individuals can comfortably integrate zip compression which allows you to save large data in one compressed folder for easy reference at all the times.
  • Once you made up your mind to use the handy backup pro software, then you will have all your previous documents and other settings being automatically transferred to the new version.
Summary: Following the proved features, it is easier to realize that this software is so great and that it is all that you need to have quality data backup in your system.