Image for Windows Review

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Top five features: Image for windows is very powerful and important software which is basically designed to work effectively in restoring and backing up all the hard drive data and be able to place them in other media or even the external drives like the eSATA or the USB.

It is well designed to work effectively with almost all the operating systems which actually includes windows 98, windows Me, windows vista, windows, XP, windows, 2000, windows 2003, windows server 2008, and windows NT thus assuring of the individuals whether it supports his system or nor before purchasing.

Image for windows software is conveniently used for disk to disk cloning which normally includes scheduling, encryption among other important cloning effects which makes it great in your system at all the times. This actually makes the disk to be of great quality which in return gives in quality image at all the times.

With this software in place, it is very easy to save all the backups and more especially on a local or even on a network drive which makes it easy for retrieval. Moreover, it can also be saved directly to the CD or DVD drives which can easily be restored if any need arises.

Image for windows software have got is of high and powerful security as it normally secure all your backups by using simple password protection which blocks other individuals from visiting your system unless you authorize them to.

Ease of use: Image for windows is very much easy to install and use and to simplify things even further, it normally comes with user interface which provides all the guidelines on its installation process and usage.

Help and support: Individuals using this kind of software are normally provided with supportive measures and more especially when they encounter any problem during its operation. They have a 24 hour working care center to solve individuals’ problems.

Top 3 reasons to choose image for windows: Basically, there are a number reasons which could lead individuals to choosing this powerful software but the main three reasons includes;
  • it work effectively with maximum speed which eventually enable you to finish the backup within no time
  • This software allows you to save your data directly to the CD, DVD, BD, or the DVD-DL due to the fact that it has optical drive support.
  • It conveniently supports both the workstation and the server versions of the windows which makes it more reliable at all the times.
Summary: Going by the provided features, there is no doubt that this software is very powerful and that it is actually what one needs to acquire quality images on his monitor.