PC Disk Clone Professional Edition Review

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Top 5 features: This is a Linux Live CD based boot CD that allows the cloning of computer hard disk to backup data or other files or even migrating systems to another computer or device

It also copies all data on any physical level with full support of SATA, IDE, USB, SCSI and even Fire Wire Interfaces

The PC Disk Clone Professional Edition also clones at high speed of more than 6 GB per minute easily

It is also programmed in away that it supports external backup and computer replacement hence if you are backing up your computer to external USB of FireWire disk then this is your choice of backup software.

One can literary copy an entire hard drive to a new one while still maintaining your windows systems and personal files as well as software and music folders remaining intact

Ease of use: This software has a user friendly interface that makes it more favorable for both veteran and beginners at any given time. The ease of use also allows not only the PC novices but also the technicians and professional to handle and use it in their tasks without a problem

Help and support: The entire team of technicians goes through the FAQ’s and try as much as possible to get lasting solutions to the problems by posting the answers to those frequently asked questions. The email support is also 24 hours daily and can actually help one out incase of an advanced trouble shooting experience. The ease of use also bars any trouble shooting hence always a smooth use anytime. One can also call the customer services for a one on one solution if so desired

Top 3 reasons to choose PC Disk Clone Professional Edition
  • The ease of use allows one to use the software for backup even if he or she is not a professional or a technician
  • The software also aids the fast speed backup tasks and can also copy or clone an entire PC hard drive without tampering with the operating systems and other files and folders
  • With the full support and compatibility with IDE, SATA, USB, SCSI and Firewire interface one is sure to get the right back up friend no matter the type of interface used.
Summary: Incase one is having the Linux as the operating system them this is the software for you incase a backup is to be done. It is fast and will do heavy or large space backup within a shortest period of time possible.