Spotmau Data Backup -2009 Review

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Top 5 features: It backs up files and folders by just simply selecting the files and folders you want to be backed up. This can also be done on demand or schedule without you having to be there physically

One can easily backup the entire hard disk or a partition and restore incase of hardware mishaps or deletion without intention

This software can also copy or clone your hard disk into anew one hence cloning everything including the operating systems, installed software’s your documents and all other personal settings.

The Spotmau Data Backup 2009 work in two modes the windows mode and boot mode hence you can restore data even when you can not get into windows

You can backup on demand or schedule hence you have nothing to worry about once you have the software for backup

Ease of use: The Spotmau Data Backup 2009 is made in an intelligent way to automatically check the last backup record and does only the backups on the difference. It will also give you a fast operation that will not waste your time and computation resource in slow backing up process

Help and support: The FAQs are the most preferred source of solution to trouble shooting hence incase one faces this type of problem then it is the first place all customers to go. The 24 hours email services to the team of technicians help the user get direct help incase one faces and advanced trouble shooting

Top 3 reasons to choose Spotmau Data Backup 2009
  • The program can easily replace your old disk or still upgrade the disk into a larger one while backing up all your data and your system
  • The Spotmau Data Backup 2009 also gives you an option of schedule or demand back up all the times to save you the vital computation time and resources
  • The software can also easily clone your entire disk that includes copying the windows files, programs and other personal settings to a new disk or partition in several clicks. This saves one the duty of reinstalling the windows and programs
Summary: This software program is supportive to all storage Medias and devices and all versions of windows. This might include the windows 98, ME, NT, 200, XP, Vista, 2003 and windows 7. As well the P-ATA (IDE), SATA, IEEE1394 or fire wire.