Spotmau PowerSuite Professional 2012 Review

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Individuals that use personal computers for a long time have surely gone through most of the software problems that often occur. From a booting problem to hardware problems, there is no end to the issues and problems. However, those that are software generated make the user suffer most as they occur every now and then at the worst time. Fixing these is really tough if you are not competent in computer troubleshooting. It is time to use software that can manage or prevent the software problems automatically and so become your virtual computer mechanic. If you are thinking of getting this kind of super software then your never ending search has come to an end. Spotmau PowerSuite Professional 2012 has been released with a whole list of extraordinary and exclusive features. The software comes in a bootable CD that works after the step by step installation has been completed.

Top Five Features:

First of all, the super data rescue package is the most functional and exclusive feature of this software. You can transfer the data when a part of the hard drive has been corrupted or damaged. You can also recover data from recycle bin, a formatted disk and so on. You can also retrieve data and information from USB drives or memory sticks.

You can easily copy the data or system files from one hard disk to another using this unique software so you will not need to reinstall the whole Windows package. This superb service does saves a lot time and helps you skip a lot of trouble.

You can create, delete, activate and reorder the existing partitions at the same time as you split, merge or resize the partitions. It is also possible that you can hide partitions and change the partitions without losing any file.

You can boost your windows speed by up to 300% and clean up the whole system by using this superb software. You can repair and optimize the Windows registry with a few simple mouse clicks. If you want to do your task manually then you will have to go to a lot of trouble.

It offers some super solutions to privacy matters, such as giving you the option to delete histories or hide/protect files from other users of the computer. The coding of the software is very powerful so it is almost impossible to break. You can also encrypt files and folders without having to chance losing any data. 

Ease Of Use:

The process of using the software is simple. You will have to install the program using a bootable CD. The installation process is simple and incorporates an automatic restart of your PC afterwards. Then open the program and you will find the entire key in front of your eyes. Just click on the button of the feature you need and it will start working on the project.

Help And Support: Spotmau PowerSuite Professional 2012 offers a wide range of help. After installing the software, you will find a help/support button and if you need any help relating to the software then just click it. This will take you to the support page and you will find the required information. If that does not help then you can email them.

Top Three Reasons To Choose Spotmau PowerSuite Professional 2012:

  • The software has a lot of functions and all of them are superb.
  • You can do lot of things with it, from restoring information to creating partitions.
  • You can get the desired privacy level.

Overall, this is awesome software that can be your ultimate personal PC troubleshooting partner. If you do not want technological troubles to stop your working spirit then software like Spotmau PowerSuite Professional 2012.