AppleXsoft Photo Recovery for Mac Review

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Top 8 Features:

  1. AppleXsoft Photo Recovery's user interface is well designed and users do not require professional skills to use the software. Software Review Boffin considered that users may need 10 to 20 minutes to complete the lost pictures rescue.
  2. Using AppleXsoft Photo Recovery for Mac is secure and risk-free. Read-only application; doesn't overwrite or modify the original data rather it rescues the photos from the card and saves them to a folder on the users hard drive.
  3. Users are able to recover from multiple storage devices, such as SD Card, iPod, digital camera, flash cards, etc. support photo recovery from digital cameras such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Minolta, Olympus and so on.
  4. A wide range of formats photo formats including JPEG, Exif, RAW, GIF, PGM, PNM, PBM, CD5, NFF, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF and TIFF. and most raw image formats (e.g. Nikon NEF, Canon CRW and CR2 and many more)are supported. AppleXsoft Photo Recovery also supports video and movie clips files retrieval which includes AVI, MOV, AVCHD and more.
  5. AppleXsoft Photo Recovery recovers any types of photos, documents, videos, music, files, and data from android phone, Memory card, CF card, SD card and so on. Most photo recovery software Mac currently on the market can only recover photos from media storage.
  6. AppleXsoft Photo Recovery for Mac not only recovers lost, deleted, or formatted photos, video-audio visual files, but also Recovers photos from damaged or corrupted storage media.
  7. This software also allows preview of images and camera RAW files before recovery lets you evaluate recovery quality in advance.
  8. Using RAW searching technology that scans lost files sector by sector to ensure that all the possible files can be retrieved. Software Review Boffin suggested that it is highly recommended users try this when other recovery modules haven't worked.

Ensures comprehensive photo recovery after all the below situations :

  1. File system corruption
  2. Unintentional or intentional formatting
  3. Unexpectedly switching off the camera
  4. Accidental deletion
  5. Corruption or damage to the media
  6. Read/write error messages

Help And Support:

AppleXsoft Software seemingly understands the importance of providing their customers with quick answers to basic questions as well as a way to get their more extensive questions answered. A simple yet effective tutorial is available within the photo recovery software, and you'll also find a simple help glossary wthin.

The vendor is offering many support features, including FAQs, PDF manual, and other forms of help as and when users may need them. These mainly help to teach users more about the software in order to use it more effectively.

The top 4 reasons to choose AppleXsoft Photo Recovery for Mac:

  1. Safe and non destructive photo recovery software
  2. Award winning photo recovery software, works when other utilities have failed.
  3. Multi language support. Available in more than 20 languages!
  4. Very Easy to use ĘC Recovers your photos with only a few clicks.

Why is this a smart Mac Photo Recovery Application?

  1. Advanced scan technology does not utilize large amount of system resources to scan the entire drive
  2. For smooth selection of images, video and audio files, the recovered data is presented in two different view types
  3. Automatically identifies the actual file size of a deleted file even when file system is corrupt or when you are recovering data from an unknown file system that is unknown to Mac OS X.
  4. Provides flexibility to users by allowing you to classify files according to title, size, file extension etc.


AppleXsoft Photo Recovery for Mac designed for those who may not know a lot about computers but have inadvertently deleted or lost precious photos. The application is extremely easy to use and includes some of the more common features that most consumers seek this type of software. The scan results were quite as good as some of the other applications we reviewed, but all the recovered files were uncorrupted. If you have ever had to format a drive with family photos on it, or even accidently deleted photos on a memory card, AppleXsoft Photo Recovery for Mac makes getting them back an attractive solution.