Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Review

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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a complete solution to recover accidentally deleted data from a hard disk, logical Volumes, or deleted and formatted Volumes. You can create scan information image or image of hard disk or volume by the application. Image files allow you to resume recovery at a later time. Image of healthy hard disk can also work as a data backup. Clone feature of Windows Data Recovery application creates an exact replica of hard disk.

Users are able also use the Raw Recovery feature of the software to recover data from an entire hard disk or Volume. Additionally Users can add file types as filters to preview and recover only files of required file types after scanning.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery will recover deleted emails in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express mail-client programs.

Top Features:

  • Recovers accidentally or intentionally deleted data in Hard disk Volumes. Windows Data Recovery provides different options to recover data. Quick Recovery, Deleted File Recovery, Formatted/Lost File and Folder Recovery, and Search Lost Volume are the four recovery methods available in this software. All methods are different as they apply different scanning methods.
  • Recovery of data from removable-media such as pen drive.
  • Recovery of mail deleted in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express. You can search, recover and specify a target destination to save the recovered PST file.
  • Customize the preview of recovered data to view files of a desired file type.
  • Recover files having a particular file type. In the preview of the scanned files, you can specify what file types are to be recovered by the recovery process.
  • Save the scan information as image or save image of Hard disk or Volume to restart the recovery process later.
  • Cloning of Hard disk to create its exact replica.
  • Image creation of Hard disk, Hard disk Volume, or a selected region.
  • Hard disk statistics is also collected in the application. Performance of the Hard disk can be review by its help.

User Friendly:

  1. Little effort and technical knowledge is required to execute data recovery process.
  2. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery provides user friendly options, like resume recovery by help of image or saved scan information. It gives option to customize the preview according to file types. You deleted emails can also be recovered using this software.
  3. All the main options are given on the home page from where you can navigate deeper for setting required options for data recovery.

Comprehensive Help and Support:

The Help manual provided with Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is very comprehensive and covers all the minute details of the application. Detailed discussion of every feature helps the user at every step whilst operating the software. Key features, FAQs, important e-mail IDs and telephone numbers are given provided for quick help and support.

Top four reasons to choose Stellar Windows Data Recovery:

  1. If you accidently format or delete your Hard disk Volumes, your data will be recovered again after deletion.
  2. Your important emails that were deleted unknowingly can be recovered.
  3. Your Hard disk scan information can be saved to resume recovery later at a suitable time.
  4. You can keep backup of your data in form of image or hard disk clone.

The 4 most important features to look for when downloading Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software:

  1. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery recovers deleted files from hard disk, formatted Volumes and deleted Volumes.
  2. Can resume recovery process later by help of saved scan information or saved image file.
  3. Create a clone of the Hard disk that can be used as backup.
  4. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery shows statistics information of Hard disk that helps in reviewing the performance and many other aspects of the disk.

The best Data Recovery software our top 3 choices:

  1. Multi language support.
  2. Supports Windows 2003/XP/Vista/Windows 7 operating system and can recover data from hard disk and removable devices like Pen drive.
  3. Easy execution steps suitable for even a novice user