Partition Table Doctor Review

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Top Five Features
Partition Table Doctor is a program from PTDD Group. The program is compatible with both Windows and MS-DOS prompt. It will work with any version of the Windows operating systems on 32 or 64 bit platforms.

Partition Table Doctor works as a powerful tool for recovering lost files and data. The partition table of your machine is a vital component and, if it gets damaged, users start to lose all information. Partition Table Doctor helps user to recover the data by repairing partition table.

Partition Table Doctor has a simple and sleek user interface. It does not require advanced operating skills. Simply click on the run button and let the program do its own work without users intervening.

The working process of the Partition Table Doctor comprises three steps. These steps are ideal in the recovery and rebuilding process and thrive in safety first. The Partition Table Doctor will first create a back up of the partition table and then it will diagnose damages or lost data. Afterwards, it will repair the partition table and finally will rebuild it.

Though compatible with a Windows operating system, Partition Table Doctor gives most effective result when run in MS-DOS prompt. MS-DOS prompt allows the program to check the entire system inside out as well as the partition table, which Windows does not offer.

Ease Of Use
With Partition Table Doctor’s simple and sleek user control interface, recovering your lost data and repairing or rebuilding your partition table is a simple single click job. The program is totally user friendly.

Help And Support
Users of Partition Table Doctor are advised to read the “read me” file before executing the program. A good understanding of the read me file itself will help the program users greatly. Registered users can get their support services from the publisher website.

The Top Three Reasons To Choose Partition Table Doctor

  1. Partition Table Doctor is an effective program to create a back up and repair and rebuild your partition table.
  2. It offers accuracy and effectiveness beyond other programs of the same genre.
  3. You can get extended benefits, like activating or hiding a partition, repairing and rebuilding the master boot record, edit-copy-fill hard disk sectors, and unlock or set password to hard drives by using Partition Table Doctor.


Partition Table Doctor is not like a super program but it is the most effective program for your partition table recovery or repairing needs without any doubt. Its strength is in its compatibility with a dual operating system. Partition Table Doctor can also do other tasks as mentioned above in addition to fixing your partition table.