3herosoft DVD cloner Review

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Top Five Features

  1. Supports DVD 1.1 Via DVD Burner: Finding durable cloners with longevity is no mean feat. However, the 3herosoft DVD Cloner will create a copy of The Good Shepherd by George Clooney, for example, that is identical to the original and an excellent DVD copy as a result.
  1. Compress Dual Layer DVD to DVD5: Having all of your favorite movies put in an otherwise “weak” format would be an excellent step for you to walk through the gates of technological innovation. Only the 3herosoft DVD Cloner software will be able to take you there.
  1. Allow The Creation Of A Customized DVD: The choice is yours! Whether you want to include menus, an assortment of audio tracks or add in all the subtitles, you can add it all to your DVD. 3herosoft DVD Cloner has options that will give you a varied and relevant choice to really make the DVD your own.
  1. Clone DVD With A Region Code: Encoding and decoding DVDs can be a bore, but with the 3herosoft DVD Cloner you can avoid it altogether. All movies and music notwithstanding, the source can be copied and cloned to create an excellent DVD back up. Therefore, with the 3herosoft DVD Cloner you need not worry.
  1. Clone A DVD To DVD Folder And ISO File: This is a dual task that can be performed with 3herosoft DVD Cloner. It effectively puts the software on a pedestal over and above competitors. Incredibly, burning DVDs to the folder and files can also be reversed.

Ease Of Use

It is incredibly easy to use. On the main 3herosoft DVD Cloner interface, simply choose the clone mode by clicking on the full disc with your mouse. Then simply choose an option from the drop down list, which should usually be the clone source. Next, select a destination from the following drop down list. After this process, you will click on a button and start the ripping or copying. Now you can see how very simple this process is because you don’t even need a guide to learn it.

Help And Support

3herosoft DVD Cloner is upgraded on a regular basis and all updates are available so be sure to always use the latest version to receive the best DVD clones. When in need of any information, you can immediately seek help via the 3herosoft DVD Cloner team, who are always on hand to offer support. Your question will be answered promptly. Sending emails will also help you get answers to deal with bugs and other nuisances.

The top three reasons to choose 3herosoft DVD Cloner are as follows:

  • It performs a multitude of jobs
  • It creates a custom DVD
  • It is cheap at only $32


The reasons are why you should acquire the software are as follows:

  • It does a multitude of jobs, from handling the decoding process to the actual quality burning and DVD transformation.
  • It creates your own unique customized DVD
  • It is cheap at only $32

When you download, check that your system requirements are as follows:

  • Language selection options
  • Operating system is Windows Vista
  • Available space is above 100 MB

The top three choices are always:

  • 3herosoft DVD Maker Suite
  • 3herosoft iPod Mate
  • 3herosoft Video Converter