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DownloaderXL Package 3 medal ★★★★★

DownloaderXL Package Review

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The DownloaderXL interface is extremely easy to use. It provides one-click updates and a custom update feature allowing the user to elect to download the latest information just for certain stocks. It also allows for charts to be created and managed based on the downloaded data.
The efficacy of such programs can only be determined over the long-term based on the performance of stocks as predicted by this package. The data available of its performance in the past would be a good indicator of how valuable this really is. Its effectiveness would also depend on how well a user is able to use these sophisticated tools.
DownloaderXL Package is a part of TraderXL Pro, which is a powerful technical analysis and data downloading software program for Microsoft Excel. The TraderXL Pro Package also includes following products: AnalyzerXL, BulkquotesXL, RTQuotesXL, OptionsXL and PortfolioXL. BulkquotesXL downloads free historical end-of-day data for stocks, indexes and mutual funds from Yahoo Finance and free historical end-of-day data for financial futures, commodity futures and indexes from Pifin. It enables you to quickly construct and manage powerful, multi-tickered analytical projects. You can choose several templates to download data and export it to the world formats, build charts and execute your own macros. Technical analysis functions can be automatically calculated.


  • The data can be grouped by tables.
  • Export Portfolio records into Excel.
  • Import records into Portfolio from Excel.
  • Open/Close Short positions.
  • Exercise/Close derivate.
  • Transfer records form one portfolio into another.
  • Split operations.
  • Download current prices from different data sources.
  • Download and add dividends.
  • Adjustable Portfolio settings.


  • New data sources: INOOPTIONSLIST, PCQUOTE, CBOE, DDE (dynamic data exchange)
  • OptionsXL Settings spreadsheet is added.
  • Master Options feature is added that helps to create the list of options to be downloaded.
  • Update all/Selective update feature is added.

The main reasons to choose this program are:

  • Free historical stock, index and mutual fund data from US, European, Asian and Australian markets
  • Create charts from downloaded data
  • Portfolio download (download historical data for a list of tickers)

Stock quotes downloading software for Microsoft Excel. You can automatically build charts and create macros. It downloads free historical end-of-day stocks, indexes and mutual funds data, 15-minutes delayed and real time quotes for stocks, options, indexes, futures and other securities for more than 50 markets worldwide. The DownloaderXL package includes the following products: DownloaderXL, RTQuotesXL, OptionsXL and PortfolioXL.
If you find it a little bit difficult to use DownloaderXL, you can play a demo file on the official website to demonstrate how easy is to use the program and to be one step ahead of everyone else. In stock market business, time is an essential factor and with the help of DownloaderXL Package everything is easier. DownloaderXL is designed for: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinXP, WinNT 3.x, WinNT4x, Windows2000, Windows2003 and has the following requirements: Microsoft Excel 97 or higher