File And Disk Management Reviews

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Jalatext Software
Jalatext is specialized software in the opening very large text files. It has smart algorithms to load only the section of file that you are viewing, and without loading, the entire file into memory thereby avoiding memory errors.
PeaZip is a comprehensive file archiver utility that handles over 130 archive formats, including most popular ones like 7Z, ACE, CAB, ISO, RAR, TAR, ZIP, ZIPX and so on.
1. Protect your work from overwrite, or deletion. Point FolderTrack at whatever files or folders you are working on. Anytime you add, delete, rename, or overwrite something FolderTrack will keep a record of it. FolderTrack can undelete, unrename, or undo
FinalBurner 2
FinalBurner2 is the most recent likeness to a cheaper CD/DVD burner yet. With an application that is 8-Mb, this software creates all the video formats and the audio formats you could want. That is including the ISO files in quality production and quality