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FinalBurner 2 3 medal ★★★★★
PeaZip 3 medal ★★★★★
Jalatext Software 3 medal ★★★★★
Foldertrack 2 medal ★★★

FinalBurner 2 Review

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Top Five Features

  1. Burn Data CD/DVD

The burning of the CD and the DVD is done at an incredibly fast speed. The FinalBurner2 software also works on the blu-ray as well as burning CD R/RW and HD-DVD amongst other file formats.

  1. Make Autorun Menus

FinalBurner2 software creates autorun menus, which enables excellent customization of the resultant CD or DVD. This customization is what many folks are looking for when they buy particular burning software.

  1. Burn Audio CDs

All the MPs and numerous audio files are all the better with the burning they receive, believe it or not. They are of the highest quality after FinalBurner2 has been use. †With this durable and highly functional package, CDs and DVDs receive a great workout.

  1. Burn Video DVDs

From the latest House series featuring Hugh Laurie to movies like The Illusionist starring Edward Norton, FinalBurner2 burns them all in record speed. This video format can be achieved with footage from the TV turner, webcam and DV, amongst others.

  1. AudioCD Ripper

FinalBurner2 is in a class of its own. What other burning or ripping software cannot do, this software can. That includes ripping the Audio CD with such precision and making it still look like the originalÖ and sometimes better!

Ease Of Use

The fact that it is free easily accessible and obtainable in addition to being used in conjunction with Windows NT, XP, 2000 and 2003 makes its use so simple. The features found in the FinalBurner2 software are not extraneous and, as such, the directions and click buttons are straightforward to use. You will soon know the steps like the back of your hands. Right beneath the window, you can see the in progress status as the actual recording continues.† The whole burning activity is shown as a folder tree. You can then adjoin files as you select the relevant drive, speed and begin to burn.

Help Ad Support

FinalBurner2 gives support by providing a website and an email address in addition to a host of other contacts like fax and postal mail. An FAQ section is also available on the website. Finally, the software manual will also offer you enough information in case you need technical support.

The top three reasons to choose FinalBurner2 are as follows:

  • Itís a freeware substitute to the other posh burners
  • It has no irrelevant feature
  • †It is perfect for usual users


  • Itís a freeware substitute to the other posh burners but still performs the same tasks as the expensive ones and sometimes achieves even better results.
  • It has no irrelevant feature
  • It is perfect for usual users

When downloading, check out:

  • Affixed minor bug
  • CD drive
  • 100% freeware

Top three choices of features are:

  • Nero
  • UltraISO Premium
  • BurnAware Free 2.3.5