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FinalBurner 2 3 medal ★★★★★
PeaZip 3 medal ★★★★★
Jalatext Software 3 medal ★★★★★
Foldertrack 2 medal ★★★

Jalatext Software Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. Jalatext is specialized software in the opening very large text files. Software Review Boffin tested this software with file sizes from 100MB to 100GB.SRB found no limitation or difficulty in this range in file size. . Jalatext has smart algorithms to load only the section of file that you are viewing, and without loading, the entire file into memory thereby avoiding memory errors. There appears to be no limit as seen by , Software Review Boffin Jalatext loaded large text files at call and with ease e.g. Of: 100MB, 8GB, and 150GB. In one second!
  2. Multiple line endings are supported. Jalatext can load files written on Windows or Linux systems. Additionally Jalatext is able to convert line endings between DOS/Windows and Unix/Linux.
  3. Jalatext supports multiple charsets, like ISO-8859-15 or UTF-8. Jalatext supports the whole range of charsets of Java VM.
  4. Advanced search with regular terms. Find a string in the file, or find a pattern written in a regular term or expression. Regular expressions are Java syntax. So, users are not required to learn another esoteric syntax to write regular terms.
  5. Jalatext Bookmark facility is extremely useful. This program feature enables users to Bookmark positions of the file, for revisiting at later time. Additionally users can export a selected area of the text between two bookmarks.

Ease of Use:

  1. Jalatext allows easy of navigation. Navigate effortlessly within a file; navigate to to top or bottom of the file with complete ease.
  2. Jalatext behaves as your favourite text editor. You will feel comfortable from the first time to embark on its use.

Help and Support:

Users are able to refer to the help file for information for advanced features, as regular expressions in find and replace. Also, users are able to contact the program vendor via email, published in the product web page.

The top three reasons to choose Jalatext:

  1. Jalatext is specialized in open very large files. Users can continue use their favourite editor for small files and Jalatext for the very large text files, when other editors will fail to open.
  2. Jalatext supports multiple line endings and multiple charsets. With Jalatext, you won't have problems opening difficult files any longer.
  3. Jalatext software provides a "Try for Free option", which can those who are not aware of the software to satisfy themselves of the quality and performance of software.


The top 3 reasons to get Jalatext Software:

  1. Jalatext is specialized in open very large files. It is tested against files from 100MB to 100GB. There is no limit, Jalatext had loaded large text files of: 100MB, 8GB, 150GB, ... In one second!
  2. Supports multiple line endings and multiple charsets. With Jalatext, users won't have problems Opening files anymore.
  3. Jalatext has advanced features as: regular expression in finding, bookmarks, etc.

Jalatext software - our top 3 choices:

  1. Specialization in open very large text files. There is no limitation in file size.
  2. Support of multiple line endings and charsets.
  3. Advanced features as: regular expressions and bookmarks.