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    The principal reasons to acquire can be summarized by the detail of graphical work than can be achieved: With the assistance of GIS software, users can go for detailed study and the working of GIS functions that will include the automation Of Works: GIS software makes the automation of work easier and enhances the scope of a usersr global mapping works. This outcome is a huge plus for all institutional or research users.With the benefit of being able to ensure Data File Compatibility and allow.. Exporting!! : In most cases, GIS software users faced severe problem in getting their data files compatible and then to export new data. With the help of GIS software, users can now easily load, convert and export their required data in a suitable format.

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Global Mapper 10

First Place Gold Medal * * * * *

The major problem faced by global positioning and mapping researchers was the absence of a single software package that can work with multiple data formats, which is what Global Mapper 10 has made possible for them. Global Mapper 10 is a great program that thrived in resolving all automation needs for geologists and researchers. Its unique features give the world access to the most influential reference materials database on mapping and are backed by satellite images with detail that makes Global Mapper 10 one of a kind. With an affordable price for researchers or institutions, Global Mapper 10 is no less than a hot cake deal.

Global Mapper 10


Second Place Silver Medal * * *

YourtTrip offers a smart budget and expenses allows users plan an efficient trip. It has a powerful share function that allows users to share their trip plans with others prior to commencing a trip or conversely returning back their trip. And it offers itinerary plan together with map search function.

Global Mapper v9-v10 Upgrade

Third Place Bronze Medal * * * * *

Global Mapper v9-v10 Upgrade is the running program as resulted from the development and upgrading phase of Global Mapper v9-v10 Upgrade. It is published by famous mapping software provider and publisher, Global Mapper Software LLC.Considering the importance of attention to detail, Global Mapper v9-v10 Upgrade now allows users to do more accurate calculation & estimations, raster blending, spatial spectral adjustment and analysis, and better elevation.The automation of different drawing and designing elements, in between calculations, testing, different view modes and so on are enabled in Global Mapper v9-v10 Upgrade. This helps users to do their work easier via the user interface buttons

Global Mapper v9-v10 Upgrade