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List of Free and Open Source GIS Mapping Software

Here is our list of Free and Open Source GIS Mapping Software. Please contact us if you know of a program that should be on this page. Boffin supports open source software. If you have an open source project, we may consider making a small donation to your project. To be considered, please get in touch via the contact page.

MapWindow GIS

MapWindow GIS is a desktop GIS software which is ready to use yet easy to modify as well with the use of available plugins. MapWindow GIS offers standard visualization and file editing and converting of standard GIS formats as well.


MapProxy makes viewing mapping data on your desktop, easy. Its developer OmniScale ensured that this free GIS mapping software will serve WMS clients fully.


ArcGIS - anyone would be able to understand GIS mapping data with the help of ArcGIS. This spatial information desktop software combines local map services, images, reports, and other visuals to view and create custom shareable maps.


SAGA GIS or System For Automated GeoScientific Analyses is a free GIS mapping software for both Windows and Linux. It provides a number of visualization options for its users to easily view and understand spatial algorithm.


CadCorp is all about the essence of capturing, analysing and presenting location-related data. In this free spatial information system, users can clearly see complex data converted to visual images like a map.


GRASS GIS is short for Geographic Resources Analysis Support System. This free software is one of the leading brands in its industry and is patronized by both government and private agencies around the world.

Quantum GIS

Quantum GIS software is one of the most flexible in its category as it is able to run on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, Windows and Android. It has both a desktop and browser versions which supports common vector and raster formats.


DIVA-GIS is another Windows and Mac-compatible software, DIVA-GIS is useful for both wide and small area mapping and data analysis. Common data formats are compatible with this software as well so reading and writing mapping and data files is no problem with this software.