Global Mapper 10 Review

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Top Five Features
Global Mapper 10 is the latest advanced version of the Global Mapper software that can work with diverse data formats. These data formats include MrSID, DLG-O, E00, DOQ, DEM, DTED, DWG, DXF, GeoTIFF, SDTS DLG, KML/KMZ, SDTS DEM, DGN, ECW, ESRI Shapefiles, JPEG2000, DRG, CADRG/CIB, Lidar LAS, Arc Grid, Tiger/Line and so on.

Global Mapper 10 now comes with access to major resource materials from its built in options. These resources include US TerraServer, Digital Globe, GlobeXplorer, and AirPhotoUSA. The publisher of Global Mapper ensures higher quality images from these resources. All the mapping data is mostly taken by satellites roaming around the Earth.

Global Mapper 10 allows users to rework, edit and conduct research on the resources by maintaining the details of each material. It now takes a shorter time to load it on the operating system and it is also completely compatible with all latest Windows operating system versions. It does work better on a machine with a higher speed of processor. It requires bigger disk space to store.

Global Mapper 10 is advanced software for global mapping professionals and can now digitize, crop, enlarge, create advance elevation, offer attention to details and provides GPS support.

Many a users of Global Mapper software have previously experienced the low performing exporting of data files. This has been used extensively and users of Global Mapper 10 can now get improved, effective and efficient exporting of data files in a reduced time.

Ease Of Use
The user console interface is made as comfortable as possible. However, as Global Mapper 10 is a specialized program for specific use, the designing will help the users have a good hand in the field.

Help And Support
Global Mapper 10 is less like software for individual use. Rather, its commercial implications are huge. In addition to using the help features, all registered users can inquire about an issue to the publisher.

The Top Three Reasons To Choose Global Mapper 10

  1. As the use of Global Mapper 10 is institutionalized and Global Mapper 10 is the most updated version, users can access the best software.
  2. With the option to access three major reference data sources, Global Mapper 10 has increased its overall credibility as well as scope for better working.
  3. Still being a research application, Global Mapper 10 has a reasonable price.

Global Mapper 10 is a great program that thrived in resolving all automation needs for geologists and researchers. Its unique features give the world access to the most influential reference materials database on mapping and are backed by satellite images with detail that makes Global Mapper 10 one of a kind. With an affordable price for researchers or institutions, Global Mapper 10 is no less than a hot cake deal.