ArcSoft PortraitPlus Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. Batch-import hundreds of photos

    With ArcSoft PortraitPlus * Version: a large amount of photos can be easily and quickly batch-imported with a single click. Software Review Boffin considered this to be a time saving and frustration eliminating feature of ArcSoft PortraitPlus

  2. Automatic face detection

    With ArcSoft PortraitPlus Face Recognition Technology is applied to automatically detect up to 20 faces in a photo and precisely pinpoint facial features. Now that is technology being applied in a practical way thought the review team at Software Review Boffin

  3. Multi-select styles for different photos

    ArcSoft PortraitPlus capable of being able to provide up to 20 pre-set styles for in order for users to utilize one style for plentiful photos while apply multiple styles to more than one photo at once.A great time saving feature of ArcSoft PortraitPlus

  4. Batch-export all the retouched photos with ArcSoft PortraitPlus

    All the retouched photos are produced with stunning effects, are able to be batch-exported effortlessly. Software should not only be enjoyable to use but efficient in its execution.

  5. Designed for professional photographer

    ArcSoft PortraitPlus is especially designed for professional photo studios, portrait studios and photo labs to resolve the most time-consuming work during the optimization of photos.Business photographers have to work within and to set deadlines, this feature takes out the drudgery.

Ease Of Use:

  1. Easy to use

    With four ArcSoft PortraitPlus steps, many photos can be instantly retouched in minutes using ArcSoft PortraitPlus. No professional skill is required. This really is putting the expert result into the hands of laymen.

  2. Fast retouch speed with ArcSoft PortraitPlus

    Users are able to retouch their photos with a click. ArcSoft PortraitPlus processing speed is wll beyond a users expectation. More time will be saved and productivity in retouching will be very much increased.

  3. Process images easily

    Because of ArcSoft PortraitPlus simple interface, the result leads to easy slick and smooth operation. The shortcut keys on keyboard will accelerate the users enhancing speeds.

Help And Support:

ArcSoft PortraitPlus offers many support services, including FAQs, tutorials and many other forms of help if users require this. The Support mainly assists users to improvre their skills in order that they can make the most of ArcSoft PortraitPlus.

The top four reasons to choose ArcSoft PortraitPlus Software

  1. Retouch portrait photos automatically to largely improve your efficiency and productivity.
  2. Batch import and export numerous photos to save more time for your work.
  3. Easy operation brings more convenience to you. No profession training is needed.
  4. Say goodbye to your most time-consuming work. With PortraitPlus, you will save more time to devote to your other business.


ArcSoft PortraitPlus is style-based auto retoucher for portrait photos. ArcSoft Portrait +is especially designed for professional photo studios, portrait studios and photo labs to resolve the most time-consuming work during the optimization of photos. With its auto-detect technology and pre-set styles, a large number of photos can be batch-processes in minutes. Greater efficiencies in terms of time and costs.

*The Version: version has been upgraded to allow 'Customize styles to express individuality '