Balanced Scorecard Designer Review

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Top Five Features:
Balanced Scorecard Designer offers the possibility to create scorecards and the ability to merge several scorecards into one.

Balancing functions - Balanced Scorecard Designer allows the user to specify relative weights.

Balancing Scorecard Designer offers performance measurement and calculation functions.

Time points - This feature allows you to specify score, weight, minimum and maximum and other specific values for certain dates.

 The resultant work can be easily exported into .html reports with charts.

Ease Of Use:
Balanced Scorecard Designer is software that makes the process of creating Balanced Scorecards and KPI groups easier. The interface offers plenty of user options. Despite the multitude of features, everything is intuitive and easy to learn and use. Balanced Scorecard Designer comes with many interesting scorecard design features but everything is intuitive. You will not have any problems in figuring out how to properly use this software. However, I would recommend checking out the “Help” section, especially if you are a newcomer to the field of scorecard design.

Help And Support:
The “Help” files have a well designed structure. Anything you may want to know about Balanced Scorecard Designer can be found there, from making a simple scorecard up to complex strategy maps, and everything is well explained. However, for any additional questions you may have, you can access the free support service that is available 24 hours a day.

The Top Three Reasons For Use:
Balanced Scorecard Designer is a great tool in the process of creating Scorecards and KPI groups. This program simplifies this process as much as possible so even a new user can easily learn and understand how to work with Balanced Scorecard Designer.

Another reason is the multitude of features you can find here. One example is the option to calculate functions.

The third reason is the interface. Balanced Scorecard Designer provides a professional and beautiful interface. Everything used inside this interface is intuitive. Everything is designed for a quick and easy use of the software.


Balanced Scorecard Designer is great software for both new and advanced users. Is easy to use and the results are amazing. After a scorecard has been designed, it can easy be exported to MS Excel for further usage or it can be integrated with business systems like CRM or ERP.