Filter Forge 3.0 Review

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Top Five Features

  1. Software Review Boffin is pleased to say that Filter Forge 3.0 is a new version of a revolutionary plugin for Adobe Photoshop (and a standalone program too). With Filter Forge 3.0 users will get about 8500 filters – effects and textures: just download the filter you need and apply it in one click. This exciting and interesting process will even inspire the most conservative of users to new creations.
  2. Filter Forge has a free fully functional 30-day trial! It is provided without any limitations. You have entire month to explore Filter Forge Software Review Boffin can confirm.
  3. Filter Forge has a free online this selection that is really huge – about 8500 filters, which are created by Filter Forge customers. Users will be able to create and change any filter also with the Filter Forge Standard and Professional versions.
  4. If you haven't found the filter you need, says Software Review Boffin – you are able to create it yourself without writing a single line of code! Filter Forge comes with a visual node-based editor allowing the user to create their own filters. All of them automatically support 16- and 32-bit modes in Photoshop, real-world HDRI lighting, bump and normal maps, huge resolutions, and most filters can be seamlessly tiled.
  5. And of course, new features of the 3.0 version: support for multiple source images, progressive previews, more preview images, interactive Before/After wipe, flexible user interface with resizable panels, Bézier Curves, Edge Detector Component, and a lot of other improvements which will inspire and surprise any user. You can read more about the improvements in the Filter Forge 3.0 on their detailed site

Ease of Use:

Software Review Boffin found that Interface is easy to use. In no time you can get accustomed to this window and several functional buttons and then you’ll enjoy playing with Filter Forge.

Help and Support:

Filter Forge comes with both a built-in and online Help but new users can start working immediately without referring to it. We found that the program was extremely easy to use. Moreover, you can consult the support team that will assist if needed to make your work easy and efficient.

The Top Three Reasons to Use Filter Forge

  1. Using Filter Forge is really fun ­ you can apply as many filters as you want and can, look at results and be always glad with results! But beware ­ Filter Forge could be Habit Forming.
  2. 4100+ Effects and 4400+ Textures ­ now you can try a few thousands of user-created effects and seamless textures on your work and find the one which answers your demands. Nothing should be lost for trying.
  3. Users can calculate how much each filter in Filter Forge costs and the result may pleasantly surprise you. Usually plugins are sold in some kind of bundles or thematically compiled. So you buy a finite number of filters when purchase any other plugin. Here, in Filter Forge, situation is different: 150 / 8500 = $0,017 = 1 cent

By dividing the total price by the number of filters , means that with Filter Forge each filter costs users about 1,5 cents (for Basic version) ­ superb?


In fact this program is useful and has everything what you will need as a web designer, graphic artist, 3D modeler, video and PC games developer, photographer, or just a person who wants to process beautiful shots quickly. Software Review Boffin suggests that Filter Forge 3.0 is worth buying.