PaintSupreme Review

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Top five features

  1. PaintSupreme allows users to create, edit and polish images in a fun way & features an easy-to-use and cool user interface paired with professional & powerful tools like The Brush, Pen, Magic Wand, Gradient, Erasure, Clone & Paint Bucket tools.
  2. The L PaintSupreme feature offers layer-based editing with an unlimited amount of layers, lots of powerful layer-based editing options (merge, group, lock etc.)
  3. A powerful selection tools is supported by PaintSupreme: Freehand, ellipse and lasso. Selections may be joined, subtracted and intersected and can also be loaded & saved.
  4. PaintSupreme has various transform, color adjustment and text tools, also support of vector shapes which can be converted to selections.
  5. PaintSupreme supports the following image formats: JPEG, BMP, TIF, GIF, PNG, PGA and is available on the following platforms Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

Ease Of Use:

Software Review Boffin found that PaintSupreme is an easy to use application, after completing a few of their tutorials users will have mastered PaintSupreme, it's as fun & easy as that.

Help and Support:

PaintSupreme comes with it's own support "PaintSupreme Help" and together with the tutorials on their website & email contact all bases are covered.Software Review Boffin found this assistance very comprehensive.

The top three reasons to choose PaintSupreme:

  1. Software Review Boffin found PaintSupreme is a powerful, fun & easy-to-use image editor that will produce amazing results.
  2. The fact that PaintSupreme is user friendly in appearance and in use, is a major benefit as explained by this software company, as this ensures wide appeal to all users from the novice user to the professional designer.
  3. Purchasers will be buying a easy-to-use product with very powerful capabilities normally found in more expensive products but at a very acceptable price additionally the software license is valid for all available platforms.


PaintSupreme Version 1.1 is virtually the complete package without further enhancements, this suggests a very bright future ahead, PaintSupreme has become a serious player in this competitive market.