PhotoPlus X5 Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. Non-destructive adjustments and filters A feature of PhotoPlus X5 software is the ability to make non-destructive adjustments and to add filters. And with non-destructive editing in PhotoPlus X5, users are able to revert any changed photos back to their original state. Being able to revert in this manner adds confidence to the users willingness to create stunning photo effects with its easy High Dynamic Range (HDR) .No fear of the users losing the original
  2. Intuitive tools PhotoPlus X5 software enables the user to decide what is right for them. This may necessitate removal of photo imperfections or enhance where they wish. For instance Spot remove blemishes, adjust white balance, mask selected areas. Software Review Boffin enjoyed using the PhotoFix studio in PhotoPlus X5 as the easy to use editing tools allowed Software Review Boffin drive for perfection an easy chore. Intuitive tools of PhotoPlus X5 also make it easy to remove red eye, spots, and blemishes we were also able to quickly straighten leaning photos and crop images to any size.
  3. Precise image reproduction Software Review Boffin found that the Professional 16-bit image support of PhotoPlus X5 offered fabulous color depth, which as a result allows for finer color control, precise image reproduction, smoother flowing color merges, and less banding in gradients and vignettes.
  4. Repair Facility .. users can rejuvenate old and damaged photos back to their former glory by using restore and repair tools . Repair your scrappy and imperfect pictures easily. Simply scan in your old photos then edit them with PhotoPlus X5! Software Review Boffin loved the scratch remover which is perfect to remove creases and marks from your images, and restoring them to what looks like almost new
  5. Works Fast PhotoPlus X5 incorporates multi-core technology that can harness all the processing power of your Computer to ensure that your photo editing is faster than ever. Software Review Boffin was able to Work quickly by assigning our favourite tools and functions to any chosen key on our keyboard and speed in order to speed our work rate by using applied macros to automate complex or frequent tasks.

Ease Of Use:

Being able to keep on top of your growing image collection and locate your photos fast is easy with the PhotoPlus Organiser. this feature is great for any users who regularly search for pictures. Being able to display all your images at once makes this a breeze!, and also making your favorites easy to find.

Help And Support:

Interactive 'How To' guides and great tutorials provide a range of step-by-step instructions for regular tasks in the helpful 'How To' tab, There is also a feature whereby a 'Do this for me' option provides instant results. Furthermore more help is at hand with video tutorials to provide help. Written photo editing techniques and detailed guides is also offered. Phone and email support if users require this., plus the friendly and active Serif forum where you can chat and exchange tips with other PhotoPlus users

The top three reasons to choose PhotoPlus X5 Software

  1. Powerful repair tools Take one tatty worn and creased photo, then as if by magic wand , turn this faded forgotten memento in something to treasure. All done so easily and in an accomplished manner by scanning and processing with PhotoPlus X5! By implementing the the scratch remover tool its all done and restored for the user
  2. Be Creative Like the look of watercolor, oil, impressionist? this can be shown and saved in just one click! Or for more traditional enhancements, there are ample filters to add creative effects such as film grain, lens flare, page curls and so on.
  3. Touch ups. With PhotoPlus X5 Software Review Boffin found that it was simple to remove spots, freckles, loose hair, or anything else for that matter with the help of the blemish remover, useful yet powerful clone tool can make undesired objects, such as background scenery, disappear!


PhotoPlus X5 powerful tools and features can help users to embark on limitless photo editing tasks. PhotoPlus X5 can perform in a range of undertakings from simple adjustments to creating complex compositions using many multiple images. PhotoPlus X5 quality output means users photos will not only be perfect to share online with your friends and family, but they will also be suitable for professional printing.. And with an enhanced image organiser, itís great for ensuring your ever growing image collection is organised. Whether you are a photography enthusiast or if are new to photo editing, youíll find PhotoPlus X5 easy to use while giving you the tools to produce a professional result.