Snap Touch Review

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Top Five Features
Are you looking for the best software that could help you process digital photos with improved ease? Snap Touch has unique features to help you get the best photo processing ever. The batch processor of the Snap Touch helps in editing a consignment of files only by one simple click.

Smart file importing unit of this photo processor helps in sorting out files and renaming them with regard to their respective shooting dates and finally arranging them in different folders while at the same time importing the files into the computer. If there are complicated cases on your photos, the Snap Touch has special macros that will do this for you.

It has lossless photo cropping that comes with aspect ratio, this helps in setting the photo sizes and the character ratios just before cropping them. Remember, this is a mandatory feature before printing the photos.

Snap Touch also has a special inbuilt device that stamps photos with their respective dates, comments and dates when the photos were shot. Amazingly, this takes place automatically without you help.

To reduce the size of the files with images, the Snap Touch automatically views and deletes auxiliary EXIF data thus help in creating more space for other photo storage. It is also able to reduce red eye and this is compulsory before you print the image pictures.

Ease of Use
Snap Touch software helps in resizing, rotating or adding comments on the pictures taken by the camera. It easily promotes editing of large photo batches and efficient browsing of the images from the digital camera.

Help and Support
The Snap Touch software is designed to perform primary editing of photos with ease that makes the photo editor smile all the way to printing the photos. However, those who purchase this software never go back without money to save, the software is sold at an after market price that makes those who purchase have a reason to smile.

The Top Three Reasons to Choose Snap Touch Software
If you have to edit your photos appropriately and with ease, the following reasons tells you why you should go for Snap Touch:

  • The Snap Touch will help you to smart import photos from the memory card or phone memory and automatically catalogue them.
  • If you have to rotate the photos to see different views, the Snap Touch software will do it for you without any reduction on the photo qualities.
  • It helps in renaming, resizing and editing pictures using a customizable procedure that depends on EXIF information.

The Snap Touch program software is the best for editing large sets of photos and other images taken by the digital camera. The basic tools that this software has ensure that images are processed, special application are made on the image effects with a lot of ease as it takes place automatically.