Watermark Factory Review

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Top Five Features:
Watermark Factory gives its users the possibility of protecting their images by adding watermarks in order to copyright them.

Watermark Factory can add date stamps on your images. As some digital cameras do not have this feature, this option can be very useful. Adding a date stamp on a photo is extremely easy to do in just a few clicks.

Watermark Factory supports every popular image format, like BMP, JPG, GIF, PSD, PNG and more.

Watermark Factory has a rich database of amazing effects that can be added onto your photos. Using effects is very easy, intuitive and the resultant quality is extremely good.

With Watermark Factory, the user can add text on his pictures. With Watermark Factory, you can process thousands of images in just a few seconds.

Ease Of Use:
The usage of this program is quite easy and it supports plenty of other actions like converting, rotating, resizing, chopping, and adding images effects and built-in watermarks. Watermark Factory comes with an intuitive and well designed interface that makes the learning process easier. A new user will just have to follow some simple steps in order to complete a project. I would recommend a quick look into the “Help” section.

Help And Support:
The “Help” file is well designed. It is a step by step system and that allows new users fast and easy learning. The “Help” section will provide you with all the desired answers about Watermark Factory. Watermark Factory also offers EXIF information support.

The Top Three Reasons For Use:
There are more than just three reasons to choose this program.
I think that the first and most important reason is the interface. Everything is intuitive with well chosen and beautiful colors. You will not find anything that is not wanted or anything that can make the general usage of the program harder than it should be. To be honest, Watermark Factory offers way more than the price suggests.
The second reason is the amazing library. Lots of effects can be added to any picture making it unique.
A third reason is the protection that this program offers to your files against hacking and this feature is very important today. A protected file with Watermark Factory becomes extremely hard, if not impossible, to be hacked.

Watermark Factory is an amazing program. It incorporates many useful and easy to use features. If you grew tired of trying many complex, hard to learn and large software, then Watermark Factory is the perfect solution. For a reasonable price, Watermark Factory offers a large palette of features and options that will guarantee high quality for your projects.