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    Software Review Boffin considers that hand held MP3 players have allowed the user to become completely mobile and to break out from the constraints of a desktop computer or the antiquated Music System of days gone by. That is fine with the proviso of being able to tranport your Music and Photos or information to your portable device.. that's freedom! Users should expect to transfer information speedily, and in a straightforward manner.Software Review Boffin narrowed our scope to reputable and well tested products that delivered, and then looked further into those selected products summarize below.

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Aniosoft iPhone/iTouch/iPod to Computer Transfer

First Place Gold Medal * * * * *

This is one of the Top-rated iPod transfer software products Ė very easy and simple to use and itís powerful too.Aniosoft iPhone/iTouch/iPod to Computer Transfer gives support to all iPod/iPhone/iTouch models. It helps in Auto-scanning your iPod/iPhone devices, auto-searches by Album/Artist/Genre/Type, Itís quite simpler to install, it has advanced settings that support Backup Folder Rule. All your songs, videos, photos, playlists, podcasts and more from your iTouch/iPhone/iPod can be backed up quite easily and quickly to any of the folder on your PC. It helps to manage iPhone/iTouch/iPod content, import and export files between devices and computer.Aniosoft iPhone/iTouch/iPod to Computer Transfer also Support not only iPod/iPod Nano/iPod shuffle, but also iPhone and iTouch.

Aniosoft iPhone/iTouch/iPod to Computer Transfer

Tansee iPhone Photo copy

Second Place Silver Medal * * * * *
Tansee iPhone Photo copy is an easy and simple to use backup software that allows you copy photos from your iPhone to a Windows based PC. All your photos can be saved into a file which users can access directly, Tansee iPhone Photo copy makes use of the iPhone's internal database to display and transfer your iPhone's photos quite quickly. With Tansee iPhone Transfer Photo copy, iPhone users can transfer iPhone photos to PC too. It has many special adjustments for aa users personal iPhone photo backup etc. Tansee iPhone Transfer Photo copy also has an auto detection feature, whenever plugged in; Tansee iPhone Transfer Photo copy could display all the iPhone photos in a quick time. All your iPhone photos can be backed up to any computer.Great product! a Tansee iPhone Photo copy

Lenogo iPhone to PC Transfer for Mac

Third Place Bronze Medal * * * * *

Lenogo iPhone to PC Transfer for Mac is the user friendly inexpensive software application that puts the advantage back into the hands of the user by allowing users to copy songs from iPhone to Mac. The instant detection of the device along with chosen optimal transfer speed minimizes mistakes and allows for the complete and best transfer that can take place. SinceLenogo iPhone to PC Transfer for Mac is compatible with all models of iPhone there is no need to purchase additional hardware. Users will have the option to backup all audio and video files as well as transfer them from iPhone to Mac and back.Lenogo offers tremendous software for iPod and iPhone users. Some of these software applications include Lenogo Video to iPod Converter, YouTube/Google Video to iPod Transfer, and DVD to iPhone Converter. Lenogo is committed to users and excells in this nich market.

Lenogo iPhone to PC Transfer for Mac