Tansee iPhone Photo copy Review

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Top five features:
1. It is a Copy Pack, which is very simple to install and easy to manage too.
2. It works quite well with iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, and supports all iPhone Firmware versions.
3. It has a great quality of auto scanning, can display all songs by album, artist, genre and photos.
4. Itís quite easy to save all your iPhone music and video on your computer.
5. It is superb to view and save all photos on your computer and songs, videos, and photos from iPhone to any folder on your PC can be backed up, quite easily.

Ease of use:

It is quite simple to use.

It helps backup or copy photos in iPhone to PC. You can easily copy iPhone photos to your new computer or notebook, if your computer is crashed, broken etc. It is the best way to share your iPhone with others.

Tansee iPhone Transfer Photo is an easy and simple to use backup software that allows you copy photos from your iPhone to a Windows based PC. All your photos can be saved into a file which you can access directly, Tansee iPhone Transfer Photo makes use of the iPhone's internal database to display and transfer your iPhone's photos quite quickly. With Tansee iPhone Transfer Photo, iPhone users can transfer iPhone photos to PC too. It has many special adjustments for your personal iPhone photo backup etc. It also has an auto detection feature, whenever plugged in; Tansee iPhone Transfer Photo could display all the iPhone photos in a quick time. All your iPhone photos can be backed up to any computer. Just try it and you will know more about it. It has secure online store, you can make your order safely. Tansee you can copy photos in next generation iPhone. Try and get the full version now for just $19.95, which is a great buy!
It is quite convenient to manage and gives great results too. The video converting software detects your CPU automatically and offers you the best speed to convert video in few minutes only. And it helps to create a deluxe visual and acoustic feast with excellent quality.
It can edit files; runs the video conversion software in the background at the same time, updates the video converter automatically; and offers so many languages and makes the appearance so much attractive, just like the original!!!.